Play golf in Spain in complete security

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Play golf in Spain in complete security

Golf courses in Spain are a great way for you to relax while practising your swing. However, if you want to play worry-free, we recommend taking out a golf insurance policy. Here are some of the best golf courses in Spain and all the essential info.

Spain is synonymous with golf. There's no way it couldn't be, with its great climate, golf courses that offer layouts for every taste and views that take your breath away. Whatever your level or handicap, Spanish golf courses are a must.

There are 313 golf courses in Spain. However, Cádiz boasts the most greens in the country. Since 1991, the Valderrama Golf Club has repeatedly ranked as one of the top golf courses in Europe, and in 2003, the Real Club de Golf Sotogrande came in seventh among Europe’s best golf courses.

Of course, other regions in Spain also have their own “green jewels”. For example, the Manga Golf Club in Murcia has three courses that have earned it the title “Europe’s Leading Golf Resort” from World Travel Awards. If you are looking for a course close to the capital, the Real Sociedad Hípica Española Club de Campo will welcome you with a green over 100 years old.

Golf insurance Spain

Not such a risk-free sport

Compared to other sports, golf is relatively safe, but this doesn't mean there's no chance you won't be injured. In fact, too much repetitive movement is a constant danger. For example, a golf swing exerts great pressure on the back and joints, especially if you usually swing with too much force or if you do not have the right technique. Back pain, elbow tendinitis, and pain in the shoulders, knees, and wrists are therefore typical injuries for golfers.

You should also remember that golf balls and clubs are hard objects that can cause considerable harm if you hit someone. This means that you shouldn't only worry about injuring yourself; you should also be aware of possible injuries that you could cause to other people.

Golf insurance

Golf is a sport designed to help you let go of your daily worries. There's no better way to relax and leave your cares behind you than taking out a golf insurance policy that will cover possible accidents. Make sure the insurance includes coverage for third-party civil liability as well as for personal accidents that may occur on the course (including medical assistance and paramedic help).

If you want greater security, you can also choose coverage to protect your golf equipment (including clubs and accessories). In this case, even breakage or damage suffered during the game will be covered, as well as loss or theft. If you want to go even further, there are policies that also cover extraordinary costs you may incur while celebrating your hole-in-one.

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