Buying a house in Taiwan

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Buying a house in Taiwan

You may find buying property in Taiwan is cheaper than in many Western countries. Though it might not seem that cheap compared to the average Taiwanese income, more than 80% of Taiwan’s population own their own home.

It is almost impossible for a foreigner to get a mortgage without a Taiwanese co-signee/guarantor, and even then it can be hard. If Taiwanese people are able to buy property or obtain mortgages in your country, then by reciprocal agreement you may do the same in Taiwan. However, in reality, this isn’t always the case and there are many hoops you will have to jump through.

It you are married to a Taiwanese national then it is easiest to put the property in their name. This way you will likely be eligible for a “first home-owner’s mortgage”, which has a rate of 3%.

If your country entitles Taiwanese to buy property and you have an Alien Registration Card (ARC), you should apply to the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) for approval of the purchase you want to make. 

The best place to start looking for a mortgage would be your bank. If you have a long-term relationship with them and a good record of income then they may consider you, but you will still need a Taiwanese co-signee.

Some international banks such as HSBC, will consider foreigner wishing to apply for a mortgage. HSBC  offers the Smart Mortgage programme with details available in English on their website. City Bank Taiwan  also offers a range of mortgages with information available in English.

Without a doubt, the majority of expats find it hard to secure a mortgage through Taiwanese banks. The outcome is more likely to be in your favour if you are married to a Taiwanese person and/or your home country has a reciprocal agreement allowing Taiwanese nationals to buy property.

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