Buying advice

Things to remember when buying property in Taiwan

Buying advice

Here we offer you some advice when buying property in Taiwan. Most of it is simply common sense and being as careful as you would be in your own country.

When registering the new ownership with the Land Registration Office, make sure that the registration number of the building, is the same as the one on the apartment you are buying. 

You may want to ask as well if the mortgage loan for the house has been fully paid. If not, you should ask to include the deadline for it in the contract. When the time comes, present documents from the bank  proving that the loan has been fully paid so that the mortgage is erased from the property. 

Also, check if the previous tenants of the property are gone (in case there was a lease), this way you can prevent from any obstruction when moving in. Set a clear handover date to avoid these kinds of problems. 

In order to prevent possible changes in the ownership or revisions of legal relationship with the bank for the mortgage, check the property registration transcripts before paying the “mediation fee” which is refundable (paid to real estate agent), and down payment (paid to the seller). 

If the seller agrees to leave furniture or other items in the property list the items and agreement in writing to avoid problems later. Also, if there is a parking space associated with the property, find out if it is included in the purchase price or not. 

As for the facilities, most apartments have air conditioning because the summer is very hot but central heating is not as common. Usually, apartments are unfurnished and not provided with phone lines and Internet, although it is available in some new buildings and complexes.

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