How to find your home

Property searches in Taiwan

How to find your home

Once you have made the decision to buy a home in Taiwan you will need to find it. The first step is to research an area you like, then to identify the property for sale, which is often easier said than done.

Online searches

To get started it is easiest to look online for property in Taiwan. There are a number of websites and property portals both in Chinese and English. 

The following sites offer property for sale and some rentals:

Real estate agents

To save you having to do all the leg work in locating a property you can employ the services of an estate agent. An estate agent should be familiar with local property laws, ensure you get a fair price and be able to negotiate for you. 

Make sure you use a reputable agency, ask fellow expats or check with your company if they have used an agency before. If you can’t speak Mandarin confidently agencies in the big cities will usually have one member of staff who can speak a decent level of English.

Some well-known agencies include:

Expect to pay around 5% of the market value in commissions and fees to the agency.

Search neighbourhoods

Similar to finding rental property, you can visit the area you want to buy in and look for noticeboards. Red and yellow notices will advertise the property for sale in the neighbourhood. Ask people in the building if they know of people leaving or if apartments are for sale. Often the best properties are not advertised.

Of course you will need to be able to read and speak Mandarin to a decent level for this, or take a colleague or friend with you.

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