Expats should build a personal brand

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Expats should build a personal brand

Expats working abroad often have good conditions, but many will also want to go home one day - make sure your professional profile allows you to do that. Believe it or not, even if you are an industry professional and are already employed, there are many reasons why you should be blogging about your experiences and industry knowledge.

If you an expat living in one of the world’s top startup cities and working in a great place, there are a lot of reasons to be writing about it.

It’s Easy and Effective

With so many website builders and pre-generated blog themes out there, it has never been easier to create your own blog. Without the need to code and personally design the site, you can actually have a blog up and running the same day that you choose and personalize your theme. You merely need to choose your blog design, select and register a good and affordable domain name – which is possible to be found here  – and input your basic content. Just like that, you’re ready to go!

Build a Personal Brand

Ok, so it’s easier than ever to start a blog, but what are the actual benefits of doing so? Well, first of all it allows you to brand yourself. When you think of yourself as a commodity – that your services and abilities are a product to sell to employers – branding yourself is displaying your abilities in a certain way. When you sell yourself to an employer, you are not only showing them what you can do, but how you can benefit their company above all of the other completion. Having a blog allows you to stand out from the rest of the applicants because it gives your employer an in-depth look into what you can do first-hand. You can more adequately present yourself as a desirable candidate that will fit into a company atmosphere if you have a blog or personal website, as opposed to a two dimensional, and somewhat limited traditional CV.

Reputation is Everything

One of the reasons why blogging in particular is an excellent career move  is because as you brand yourself, you are also able to develop into an influencer in your industry. If enough people are following your blog and are recognizing that what you have to say is valuable, you create a name and reputation for yourself that works on your behalf. Particularly if you connect and associate yourself with other industry leaders – through guest posting on each other’s blogs or following each other on social media – you align yourself within other top mind in your industry. All of this makes you a desirable candidate simply because you are not a unrecognizable name.

Writing a blog, if you have the time to dedicate to it, can be one of the best career boosts that you can invest in. Whether you are bouncing around from startup to startup for whatever reason, or you have relocated and are serious about settling in and building your career, expat and native alike, a blog can work wonders for your career.

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