Fixed phone lines

How to get connected in Vietnam

Fixed phone lines

The fixed telephone is less popular than cellphones among Vietnamese. In 2010, the penetration rate was only 19% in 2011. However, several operators offer this service and at a very affordable price.

The main operator is Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group  (VNPT), and the other one is Viettel  (only in Vietnamese). Registrations generally include activation, subscription and installation fees. The subscription also includes monthly charges.

The registration can be done through the phone, via a specific number (visible on the websites), through retailers themselves and even via text message. You may be asked to provide the following documents:

  • Fixed lines at home - Users have to provide a copy of their ID card and a copy of their permit to live in Vietnam.
  • If the request is done on behalf of a company, the documents needed are a copy of the business license, a copy of the ID card of the PR person, and a signature of authorized and lawful seal.

It is possible to subscribe to prepaid or postpaid offers.

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