Making calls in Vietnam

Area codes & useful numbers

Making calls in Vietnam

When moving to a foreign country, an expatriate should be aware of the culture’s local communication conditions. In Vietnam, the development and availability of telecommunications technology remains unequal throughout the country.

Thanks to a government strategy, the penetration of telecommunications technology has risen sharply in the 10 last years in Vietnam. The services are tending to have better quality with time, but it is still important to know the local process for telecommunication.

Making phone calls

The international prefix code of a Vietnamian phone number is +84. Each province and region of Vietnam has its own prefix as well. Depending on the region you are aiming to reach, a Vietnamese phone number will be between between seven and eight numbers.

To call a Vietnamese phone number: +84 + area code, followed by the phone number.

As for calling Subscriber Trunk Dialing (STD), as most countries, the prefix is 00.

Area codes:
Bien Hoa: (+84) 61
Buon Mi Thuot: (+84) 50
Camau: (+84) 78
Can Tho: (+84) 71
Cao Bang: (+84) 26
Dalat: (+84) 63
Da Nang: (+84) 511
Ha Noi City: (+84)   4
Hai Phong: (+84) 31
Hue:(+84) 54
Hung Yen: (+84) 321
Ho Chi Minh city:  (+84)  8
Lai Chau: (+84) 23
Lao Cai: (+84) 20
Nam Dinh: (+84) 350
Nha Trang: (+84) 58
Phan Thiet: (+84) 62
Qui Nhon:(+84) 56
Rach Gia: (+84) 7
Thai Nguyen: (+84) 280
Vung Tau: (+84) 64

Some useful numbers in case of emergency
Police: 113
Fire service: 114
Medical emergency: 115

In cyber cafes, it is possible to find the option of Voice Over IP (VoIP) services such as Skype. Through these, you can call abroad cheaply and avoid the extra costs normally added to international communication.

There are premium-rate numbers in Vietnam, starting with 1900, which have special high-tariffs.

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