Internet in Vietnam

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Internet in Vietnam

Internet access around the country is quite sporadic, but in constant development. In tourist areas and developed cities, it is easy to find cyber cafes or public places providing wireless Internet service.

Nowadays, almost every hotel provides Internet access, which may, however, require extra fees.

The prices in Internet cafes are really cheap, and generally range from between 5,000 and 10,000 VND per hour (USD$0.20 - $0.40 and €0.1- €0.2). However, be careful after having used public computers to have logged out from all your accounts. Also avoid checking personal and important details, like online banking, in insecure areas. Depending on the area, the network quality may be damaged.

The  different main Internet providers are VNPT  and Viettel . Internet providers offer services like ADSL, 3G (for an average price of 80,000 VND/month (less than €3, USD$3.8), and also “Triple Play” offers (Internet, TV and telephone services). Customers can either chose prepaid or postpaid form.

As for the procedures to register and get a contract, foreigners and expats have to provide a copy of their passport, as well as a copy of their permit to stay in Vietnam.

If the registration is done on behalf of a company (a legal entity), the documents they will have to provide are a copy of the business registration certificate, the signature of authorized and lawful seal. Regarding to the case, a copy of the lease contract has to be provided as well.

The registration can be made online, going directly to a retailer or through the phone.

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