Moving around Bahrain

What expats can expect

Moving around Bahrain

There is an excellent road network and bus connections on the main island of Bahrain, especially in the capital Manama. 

The main islands are connected and accessible by bridges, and a causeway joins Bahrain to the Saudi Arabian mainland, passing through the island Umm An Nasan. Some of the smaller islands are only accessible by boat. In terms of air transport, Bahrain International Airport is located in Muharraq, an island about 7 km off the northeastern tip of the main island. The airport is the primary hub for Gulf Air, and Manama is easily accessible from the airport, it takes about 20 minutes by taxi.

Bahrain Island is small and this definitely helps when travelling around. The road system is easy to understand, and all the main sites are signposted. Within Manama, the most important roads have names, however it is common to find streets have numbers instead of names.

Additionally, companies tend to have PO box numbers instead of addresses, so it is highly recommended that you ring up before mailing anything.

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