Using a car in Bahrain

Buying, renting and insuring

Using a car in Bahrain

In order to be able to drive a car in Bahrain you need a driving license. Expats recently moved to the country can use their driving license from “home” for a short period of time. It's a good idea for expats to get an international driving license, which will be valid for a year and is recognised world wide, before arriving in the Kingdom.

Car insurance

It is vital to insure your car whilst in Bahrain. If you’re renting a car, the company through which you have rented will offer such services, if insurance is not included in the price. If you have bought a car, then you can use an insurance broker. It is important that you check out a few offers and quotes, as often the first figure you get won’t be the best one.

Buying a car

The majority of expats in Bahrain opt to purchase a car. In order to do that you will need a Population Registration Card (CPR). Many cars for sale tend to be parked at obvious locations: for example, many expats who are returning home park their cars for sale along the road into Juffair. Another good place to look for cars are ads in newspapers. The most visited car showrooms are located on the highway in Sitra. If you are buying or selling a car why not check our classifieds section for Bahrain.

Car rental

There are many car hire companies in Manama and at the airport, with an average daily price of 15 BHD (around €30) and per week, 72 BHD (around €144), for a small four door sedan. These rates include car insurance and unlimited mileage, however exclude petrol.

It is often advised to pay 2 BHD (around €4) per day for a collision damage waiver in order to avoid huge costs in case of an accident. A renting driver needs to be over 21 years old (or over 25 if the car model is very expensive) and an international driving permit is often required for foreigners, even though it is sometimes enough to just have a driving license.

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