Urban and national transport

How to get around Bahrain

Urban and national transport

Bahrain is an archipelago made up of several islands, the main one being Bahrain Island. As a small country, the main island is only 55 km (34 mi) by 18 km (11 mi), moving around is not very difficult, even if you don’t have a car.

Public buses are mainly used by day labourers and other migrant workers whose finances are limited. Usually buses are reliable and quite cheap, reaching all the main parts of the island.

Taxis are more expensive than buses, however they are air conditioned and can take you to more places than the public transportation system offers. Getting around the Kingdom of Bahrain is supposed to become easier and more convenient once the monorail network is completed as planned by 2030.  

Getting around by bus

The bus system in Bahrain is reliable and relatively inexpensive, connecting most of the island’s areas and towns. The minimum fare per trip that you have to pay is 150 fils (1 BHD consists of 1000 fils). National buses run every 40 minutes at Manama bus station, located at Government Ave, between 9am and 6pm. Private buses and minibuses cover the main routes of the country as well, and are priced at about 100 fils per trip. The major challenge that you may encounter is working out the routes, however you can always ask a member of staff.

Using taxis in Bahrain

Bahrain’s taxi prices are not high, even though taxis tend to be cheaper in neighbouring Saudi Arabia. There are plenty of reliable taxis around Bahrain (for example Bahrain Taxis ), and you are advised to use one from the airport once you arrive in Bahrain, due to the overflowing car park. In addition, if the driver doesn’t use the meter, you are not obliged to pay. If you have decided to take a taxi for a longer distance journey, then you should haggle and agree on a price before setting off.

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