Car insurance in Finland

Registration, required paperwork and costs

Car insurance in Finland

Cars in Finland must be insured for third-party liability as a minimum, and drivers must always carry their driving license, passport and vehicle registration forms whilst driving. If you are moving with your car, you may drive it in Finland for up to 30 days on your existing insurance plan. After that, the vehicle must be insured in Finland by a local or international provider.

Before you insure your car

Before insuring your car in Finland, you need to make sure that the license plate is registered in Finland. If you plan to move to Finland with your car or ship your car there, ensure that your old car insurance is valid in Finland.

Once you have registered your car in Finland, you’ll be allowed to drive in the country until the road tax renewal is due, unless the period is longer than 3 months. After this period, you need to take out Finnish car insurance.

Green Card

You no longer need a Green Card to drive through Finland. However, you are legally required to have one if you’re planning to travel through or visit Russia.

Types of insurance in Finland

Insurance companies in Finland offer two types of insurance: third-party liability and comprehensive insurance. Third party liability insurance is the minimum legal requirement for driving in Finland.

Third-party liability insurance

Third-party liability insurance covers any accidental damage that you cause to another vehicle or property. Neither you nor your car will be covered if you cause an accident but your legal costs and medical expenses will be compensated if you are injured or killed by a third-party.  

Your car will not be covered against theft or fire, although this can be added to third-party policies.

Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance coverage can vary depending on the provider but may may include collisions, fire and theft, vandalism, emergency road service cover and legal expenses.

Cost of insurance in Finland

There are several factors which can influence the cost of your car insurance. These can include the value of your car, the area you live in and your age. Your claims history will also play a part in determining the cost.

Bonus/Malus system

Most insurance companies offer a 5% discount for each year that you don’t make a claim. This is capped at around 60-70% discount. Bear in mind that Finnish insurers are not required by law to recognise your claims history, with every insurer having their own policy on whether to accept the claims history from previous insurers in Finland or abroad.

Whether you’re planning on bringing a car to Finland or buying one there, make sure that you’ve registered your number plate and that your vehicle is adequately insured.

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