Finnish driving licences

Exchanging your licence and taking a test

Finnish driving licences

Driving in Finland means having the right documents. Can you exchange your current licence without problems, or do you need to take a test?

Just like anywhere in the world, you need to be at a certain age in order to drive a specific vehicle. In Finland, the law states the following:



Mopeds and tractors


Motorcycles with a maximum of 125cc


Cars, motorcycles (A2 class) and trucks


Motorcycles (A-class).
A2- class licence holders can upgrade their licence to A-class,
after having their A2 class license for more than 2 years


Exchanging your driving license

There is no need to worry if you are in possession of a driving licence from any other European Union country. These are valid in Finland without the need for any further action.

If you become a permanent resident in Finland, you must exchange your current driving licence for a Finnish licence. This must be done before the validity of the foreign licence expires. It is not necessary to take a new driver examination at this point.

A driving licence application must be submitted to the police in person.

When exchanging your driving licence, the following must be submitted:

  • 2 photographs
  • A valid driving licence
  • A doctor’s certificate for a driving licence (dated no more than six months previously), or a comprehensive medical report.
  • A driving licence application form
  • A form stating you are not banned from driving in another EU or EEA country.

A person living permanently in Finland may exchange a driving licence issued in a country that is a member to the Geneva or Vienna Conventions on Road Traffic, the following is needed as well.

  • Information showing that the applicant has been driving in Finland for a minimum of six months (for example; two witnesses could write a report)
  • If the national driving licence is not in a language that is not understood at the police department, an authorised translation of it into Finnish or Swedish is required.

You can take a look at this list  to find out whether your country is a signatory of the Geneva or Vienna Conventions on Road Traffic.

You must hand over both your national and international driving licence to the police when you receive your Finnish one. The police will keep the previous driving licence on file; it may be returned on request only if you move out of Finland. In that case, the Finnish driving licence must also be handed back to the police.

Taking your driving test in Finland

Twenty theory lessons are required before you can actually have a go at your driving theory test.

The training for a regular driving license (also known as B-class licenses) requires 30 hours of instructed driving. Due to the weather in Finland, instructed driving also includes a slippery-road driving course. The driving test often occurs in city traffic with a minimum length of 30 minutes.

Driving lessons can also be given by someone who has a driving license and a special instructors permit. The car needs to be adjusted (such as an extra set of brake pedals for the front passenger).

If you pass both your theory and practical exams, you are allowed to apply for a driving license. Appointments can be made with the appointments system.

When applying for a driving licence, the following must be submitted.

  • 2 photographs
  • A doctor’s certificate for a driving licence (dated no more than six months previously), or a comprehensive medical report.
  • The written consent of the applicant's guardian, if the applicant is less than 18 years old.
  • Passport, ID, and if possible the former driving license.

Keep in mind that a driving licence is not an official travel document and that it is not an official proof of identity.

Renewing your driving licence in Finland

When your driving licence is about to expire, you must submit a renewal application to the police.

When applying for a renewal of your driving licence, you should bring:

  • 2 photographs
  • in certain circumstances, regarding age and your type of driving license, a doctor’s certificate for a driving licence (dated no more than six months previously), or a comprehensive medical report
  • your previous driving licence

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