Importing a car into Finland

Taxes, paperwork and procedure

Importing a car into Finland

If you are moving to Finland on a long-term basis and want to import a car with you, prepare for a bit of paperwork.

Importing a car

When you are importing  your car to Finland, you need to register  it and pay car tax. You can use your car in Finland for up to three months before registering it but you will have to declare it  with the tax agency. Make sure you have car insurance as it is required by law.

The amount of tax for a used car is categorised depending on the make, CO2 emissions, mileage and age. The minimum tax rate is around 2,7% and the maximum is 50%.

In addition to the car tax declaration, a specification form concerning the vehicle must be filled in. This provides the chassis number, make, model, odometer reading and any modifications you have made to the car, e.g. lowered the frame or installed special tyres. You will also need to provide a copy of the foreign registration (a document showing where your car is registered before bringing it to Finland) and the purchase contract as evidence.

A private car, van or special-purpose vehicle of up to 3,500 kg must have its first inspection within three years of the vehicle’s date of registration. Cars must be inspected a second time within five years of registration and, subsequently, on an annual basis at the latest on the date of first registration.


There are a couple of exceptions  if you are not living in Finland permanently and have a car registered in another EU/EEA country. To enjoy these exceptions, you will have to declare  that you are not living in Finland for more than 185 days per year and that your permanent address is elsewhere.

Also, if you are a student in Finland you don’t need to pay car tax if you import your own car or a car owned by your parents but you do need to declare your situation with the tax office.

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