Short-stay visas

Transit, tourist, business and other types

Short-stay visas

Before travelling to Hungary, make sure you have all the required visas and documentation or you will be refused entry. This section describes the different types of short-term visas for Hungary and is intended to give you an overview of what documentation you may need for making an application.

Copies of application forms for short-term visas can be downloaded from the webpage of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign affairs (Külügyminisztérium) at . Some documents are available in up to 9 languages (English, French, German, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Greek, Ukrainian and Hungarian).

Visitor visa

A Visitor Visa has a validity period of a maximum of 1 year. It is necessary to possess a valid, official Invitation Letter which can be obtained by Hungarian citizens or foreigners who hold a valid Residence permit in Hungary.

The Invitation Letter has to be obtained from the Hungarian Immigration Office. The person making the invitation will need to prove that the visitor’s costs will be covered by them and take full responsibility for the visitor(s) during his/her stay in the country.

Once the Invitation Letter has been issued, the visitor has to make an application for the Visitor Visa in person at the Hungarian consulate or embassy in their current country of residence.

Business visa

A Business Visa is valid for a maximum of three months (90 days). As with the Visitor Visa, you have to possess a valid, official Invitation Letter to make an application for this type of visa. This Official Invitation Letter can be obtained by a functionary or a legal entity, such as a company in Hungary.

The inviting company or organisation has to apply for the Invitation Letter at the Hungarian Immigration Office, proving that the visitor will come to Hungary for business reasons and that the company which is making the invitation cover his/her costs during the visit, including those of accommodation, subsistence and health care.

Once the Invitation Letter is ready, the visitor has make an application in person at their nearest Hungarian consulate or embassy in order to obtain the business visa.

Tourist visa

The Tourist Visa application is a short process as this is a short-term visa that only permits stay in Hungary for a limited period. You should apply for this visa at the Hungarian consulate in your current country of residence. The consulate issues the Tourist Visa based on your airplane ticket, proof of accommodation (i.e. hotel reservation) and bank account statement proving sufficient financial means to cover your stay in Hungary.

Medical visa

Foreigners planning to travel to Hungary for medical treatment have to present a certificate from the medical institution where the treatment will take place, proof of sufficient funds and accommodation reservations.

National Visa

The National Visa can be obtained exclusively by Ukrainian, Croatian and Serbian citizens. This type of visa is issued in order to help preserve the Hungarian language and national identity, support study at a Hungarian college and/or for the purposes of family reunification. Applications are usually processed within 15 days, after the verification of the purpose of entry, accommodation and subsistence during the expected stay. The National Visa does not give authorization to work, becoming legally employed requires a valid work permit and work visa.

Transit visa

Since 21 December 2007 (that Hungary is a member of the Schengen agreement), a visa is not necessary for transit purposes for EU citizens or foreign nationals who have:

  • a valid residence permit issued in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.
  • The duration of a transit visa is limited to a maximum of 5 days.

As this rule is relatively new and if you are in doubt, we suggest you confirm your status with the nearest Hungarian Consulate or Embassy before travelling to Hungary.

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