Calling in Israel

Making local and international calls

Calling in Israel

All telephone numbers in Israel have prefixes which must be dialled to make a call. Land line telephone numbers have seven digits, and mobile numbers can have eight or nine digits. Israeli residents will typically give you all necessary digits in their telephone numbers.

To make a call to one Israeli city from another, dial the area code of the city you're calling followed by the local number. If you are dialling a number within your city, it is not necessary to include the area code. Area codes of major cities are:

07 – Eilat

04 – Haifa

02 – Jerusalem

06 – Nazareth

03 – Tel Aviv

Dialling mobiles

Mobile phones are seven-digit numbers with a three-digit national prefix. The mobile prefixes are generally associated with the four major telephone providers. However, Israel allows number mobility, which means you may keep your current number if you switch mobile phone providers. The prefixes for the major providers are:

052 – Cellcom

057 – Mirs

054 – Partner (subsidiary of Orange)

050 – Pelephone

In addition to mobile phone companies, there are also several voice over internet protocol (VoIP) providers which offer cheap calls to landlines and mobile phones. These providers are also generally associated with the following prefixes:

077 – Hot (cable internet provider)

073 – 013 Netvision

074 – Orange

072 – 012 Smile

When dialling a mobile or internet telephone number, dial: prefix + number.

International calls from Israel

To call abroad from Israel, dial “00” + the country code of the destination you're calling to, followed by the phone number. However, be aware that you can be charged exorbitant rates for international calls.

If you want to save money on your call abroad, you might want to use one of the international calling prefixes of the Israeli phone companies. To do so, you have to dial the prefix of the telephone provider you're using, followed by the country code. The prefixes for the major phone companies are:

014 – Bezeq International

012 – 012 Smile

013 – Netvision

018 – Xfone

E.g., if you're calling the US through Bezeq (the main phone provider), you would need to dial 014 + 1 + the US phone number you're calling.

Calling cards are another inexpensive way to make international calls. Grocery stores and post offices sell calling cards. To find the best rates, experiment with a few cards. Typically, calling card prefixes begin with 1-800 or 1-801 (other toll-free numbers also begin with these prefixes).

The international operator for Israel is 188. The operator will help if you have additional questions about making international calls from Israel.

Calling Israel from abroad

To make an international call to Israel, you should drop the “0” in the city area code. For example, to make a call to Haifa from abroad, you dial your country's access code (e.g. 00) + 972 + 4 + the local number.

Collect calls and premium numbers

The prefix for collect calls in Israel is 142. Your caller will be charged for taking a collect call.

Premium numbers in Israel begin with 1900, 1901, and 1919. These are information lines and provide services such as news. If possible, avoid calling these numbers because they are expensive.

The number for directory assistance in Israel is 144.

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