Cell phones

Mobile phones in Israel

Cell phones

Israel has four major mobile phone companies: Pelephone, Orange, Cellcom and Mirs. These companies offer various packages and deals, like a flat rate for unlimited calling and text messaging plans.

Mobile operators usually offer a new mobile for signing a contract for their service. There are different calling plans for different needs available – some companies even offer a “kosher” mobile which does not allow text messaging and blocks premium numbers such as sex hotlines. You will be required to sign a contract for a minimum of 24 to 36 months.

If you want to avoid signing a mobile phone contract, purchase a prepaid SIM card from Cellcom or Partner. This gives you an Israeli phone number without having to purchase a new phone, and you can refill this phone card on a regular basis. This is an inexpensive alternative to a mobile phone plan, and it gives you more freedom than a contract.

Mobile phone rates

Mobile phone operators in Israel only charge you for outgoing calls. If someone calls you, you will not be charged for the call. For other rates, speak with your service provider.

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  • Kfir, 12 February 2011 Reply

    Calling internationally

    Notice that when calling internationally from your mobile phone via 012 (1800-012-012) or 013 (1800-013-013), or 014 (1800-014-014) or 018 (1700-018-018) or 019 (1800-019-019), you will be surcharged 0.06ILS/minute by the international carrier you are using.
    However, unlike many countries, these days, calls to 1800 numbers are also free of charge if called from a mobile phone.