Getting a landline in Israel


Until recently, Israel had only one land line telephone provider called Bezeq. In the mid-2000s, the government opened up the telecommunications industry. Today there are six major land line telephone providers and four major mobile providers.

The major land line telephone companies are Bezeq, Cellcom, Globcall, Hot, Orange and Smile. Bezeq is still the largest telecommunications company in Israel.

Before you can use a landline in Israel, you might need to purchase the necessary telephone infrastructure (this is often the case if you move into a new property). Bezeq and Hot are the main providers of landline infrastructure. To get infrastructure, register at one of Bezeq's or Hot's locations or use a neighbour's phone to contact them. A representative will install your landline within a few days.

After you have installed the infrastructure, you need a telephone provider. Bezeq and Hot offer telephone service in addition to infrastructure. Cellcom, Globcall, Orange and Smile provide service, as well. Their services are compatible with Bezeq's and Hot's infrastructures, so you can get the infrastructure from one provider and the service from another. The smaller providers often give you better deals on telephone service.

You can enable cheap long-distance calling on your land line telephone. Bezeq offers an international package which will give you cheap rates to calls abroad. Smile, Netvision and Xfone also offer long-distance calling options.

Land line rates

Some companies like Bezeq offer a certain number of minutes per month which can be used at any time for all calls within Israel. These plans will generally cost between 60 and 250 shekels per month. Unlimited plans can cost as much as 350 shekels per month.

Other companies will charge you rates per minute. You can expect to pay between 0.30 and 1 shekel per minute (depending on whether you call a landline or a cellphone).

Some companies like Partner will charge you only for days you use their service. This can be as little as a few shekels a day. Be sure to ask your provider if they offer this type of plan.

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