Israeli internet and television providers


Israelis are well-connected to information and the internet, and an estimated 5 million Israelis use internet services regularly. There are eight major internet service providers, and their prices for certain service can be negotiable.

Two major companies provide internet infrastructure in Israel: Bezeq provides an ADSL internet infrastructure, and Hot provides a cable internet infrastructure. Bezeq is the better company because it has faster, reliable internet service, but Hot charges lower rates. Both of these companies will enable broadband wireless networks in your home.

You can sign up for service at a store location or call one of these company's local telephone numbers. The operators will install a network in your home within a few days of ordering their service, providing their own cables and modems.

In addition to providing the infrastructure, Bezeq and Hot provide internet service (they sell infrastructure and internet service as part of a package deal). However, you can also get your internet service from an alternative provider like 012 Smile and 013 Netvision, and prices of these providers are often lower. Many people choose Bezeq's infrastructure and then another internet provider.

To get service from and internet service provider, you do not need any special forms or documents. However, have an identification card on hand when you sign your contract. This makes signing the contract easier and establishes your credibility as a customer.


Depending on your service provider, you will have to pay for hourly, weekly or monthly internet access in Israel. Hourly service costs only a few shekels. You may also purchase unlimited internet access, although providers may charge large sums for these services (unlimited access under Bezeq's high-speed service cost up to 350 shekels per month in 2010).

Television providers

There are two types of television services available in Israel: cable and digital satellite. Hot provides all cable television services, and Yes provides all digital satellite services. Neither of these providers offer good service, but Yes has better programming and reception.

Several companies offer combination packages at discount prices. For example, Bezeq provides reliable telephone and internet access. Hot's service is not as good, but it provides cable television in addition to telephone and internet access. Getting a package deal means that you only have to pay one large bill per month, which is often cheaper than paying separate service providers.

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