Emergency numbers and ambulances


To call an ambulance anywhere in Malaysia dial 999. The same number applies also to the police. To call the fire brigade dial 994.

The Malaysian government, through the Ministry of Health, is the main provider of ambulance services in Malaysia. However, there is no main body that is responsible for the organisation and coordination of ambulance services. Numerous other institutions run their own ambulance services which are undependent from the Ministry of Health. Some of these institutions are the university hospitals, some private clinics or organisations such as St John Ambulance of Malaysia, the Civil Defence 3 or the Malaysian Red Crescent Society.

However, the quality and response times of ambulances are not necessarily good. The equipment often tends to be inadequate and very basic, while the response time can take up to 30 minutes. If you are not seriously ill, or do not require prehospital care, consider taking a taxi instead.

The lack of quality is due to lack of money spent in this area. While the health care system as such is well run and efficient, the ambulance services still require a lot of improvement.

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