Malaysian Health Services

Dentists and pharmacies

Malaysian Health Services

Malaysia provides all the health services you are probably accostumed to, however, most of them at a much lower price.

Malaysian dentists

The development of denstistry in Malaysia has seen much improvement in recent years. Today, it offers a relatively high standard dental care whereas it still suffers shortage of dentists. Yet the system shortcomings are all to be further reduced with the introduction of national oral health plans.

Oral health care is offered by both public and private health insurances. Wheras in a private health scheme you mostly have to purchase it separately, the public insurance includes a basic cover in form of highly subsidised treatments whereas certain fees still apply according to form of treatment. For a list of dental charges and any further information about the Malaysian public dental service visit the Oral Health Division  provided by the Ministry of Health.

Pharmacies in Malaysia

Pharmacies in Malaysia are well equipped and drugs are widely available, usually at a low price. Some medicines are only available with a prescription and Malaysian authorities are usually very strict on this rule. This means paying attention to the classification on the package. You will find “NP“ on packages which are non-scheduled or respectively over the counter products. All other classifications (from A to D and P2) are subject to certain restrictions.

Non-prescription drugs are not only available in pharmacies but also in supermarkets, hotels and shopping centres.

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