Public health care

The Malaysian public health care system

Public health care

The Malaysian public health sector is highly subsidised by the government and provides a strong health care infrastructure thus making it universally accessible by its residents.

Since its independance in 1957 the Malaysian government has seeked to ensure a universal health care system. This has been ensured slowly but surely with various health programmes, making Malaysia being today one of the regions major health care destinations.

The doctors are well trained. In addition, all Malaysian doctors are obliged to carry out a compulsory three years service in public hospitals in order to maintain these hospitals' manpower.

Due to the high governmental subsidies public health care is affordable by the majority of the population. Moreover, the Ministry of Health provides free health services to civil cervants, pensioners and the needy.

Public healthcare shortcomings

Not least due to the world wide economical crisis, today more and more Malaysians opt for public health care, as private insurance tends to be very expensive. This led to overcrowded hospitals, very long waiting lists and stressed doctors who are not able to pay personal attention to patients. Also, because of higher salaries and more acceptable working conditions, many doctors choose to work in the private sector. This again causes lack of manpower in the public hospitals and health centers and again supports the overflow of these institutions.

Apart from these issues, the Malaysian public health sector is by no means of inferior quality. The doctors are normally more experienced as they treat more patients than private physicians. Public hospitals sometimes even tend to have the better equipment and technologies, as private institutions would have to charge even more for the latest instrumentation.

However, in order to obtain publich health insurance, you have to be employed in a local Malaysian company. If this is not the case, take care of a proper international health insurance in your home country before coming to Malaysia.

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