Private health care

Private health insurance in Malaysia

Private health care

If you do not want to take the risk of waiting a couple of weeks, or even months, for a surgery or medical treatment, you should opt for private health insurance for your time staying in Malaysia. However, note that this might get quite expensive.

Most expatriates, but also many Malaysians, tend to purchase private health insurance. It provides a certain feeling of security due to immediate treatment, it offers hospitalisation in private clinics which are not packed with patients and more personalised attention from doctors. In addtion, it offers the possibility to arrange a health scheme according to a person's needs, like maternity, dental or family schemes.

Numerous Malaysian and international companies offer health insurance plans covering care in Malaysia and private clinics and hospitals are in abundance, especially in urban areas. However, joining an international private insurance scheme while still in your home country might be the better option, as Malaysian health plans can be very pricy. Of course you have to make sure that the certain health insurance covers medical care in Malaysia.

If you do not wish to purchase health insurance beforehand, you can gain an overview of the numerous local insurance companies on the online Malaysian insurance guide.

Private healthcare shortcomings

One huge issue in the Malaysian private health sector is the over-prescription and overcharging by doctors who want to gain as much money as possible from their patients. Foreigners are of course particularly exposed to this risk. Very often patients are advised to take costly but unnecessary medical treatments.

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