Polish short-stay visas

Transit, Tourist and Business

Polish short-stay visas

Before travelling to Poland, make sure you either don’t need a visa or have all the required visas and documentation; otherwise you will probably be refused entry on arrival.

This article describes the different types of short-term visas for Poland and is intended to give you an overview of what documentation you may need for making an application.

Applications for all visas should be made at the Polish consulate or embassy in your current country of residence. For all visa applications, you will need to:

  • have a passport with 12 months validity from the date on which the visa is issued correctly
  • complete the visa application form
  • pay the visa application fee

Tourist Visa for Poland

Applying for a Polish Tourist Visa is a short and usually straightforward process. A Tourist Visa only allows you to stay in Poland for up to a maximum of three months.
Business Visa for Poland.

A one time entry Business Visa is valid for a maximum of three months, a multiple-entry Visa is valid for up to six months. You have to possess a valid, official Invitation Letter to make an application for this type of visa. A Business Visa can be extended in the local passport office (Voivod’s office, Department for Foreigners - Urząd Wojewódzki, Wydział do Spraw Cudzoziemców - this can have a different name in various cities).

Transit visa for Poland

A Transit Visa allows you to travel through Poland on your way to another country. It is valid for up to 48 hours from the time of entry into Poland. In order to make an application for this visa type, you will need to present a visa from the destination country of your trip.

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