Furnished apartments for temporary lets in Switzerland

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Furnished apartments for temporary lets in Switzerland

If you are moving to Switzerland for business reasons or you are planning to relocate temporarily within Switzerland for a project you might think that your accommodation options are limited. However, this is not the case, renting your very own temporary home is much easier than you might think.

It is possible to rent a temporary home in Switzerland meaning that you can put your feet up and switch off from the hustle and bustle of the business world at the end of the day.

You needn't sacrifice your comfort

The subleasing of private apartments is allowed in Switzerland and it’s a very popular option for busy expats. Many private apartments are provided by tenants who are not using their own apartment for a certain period (world trip, temporary assignment abroad). You can find a large choice of private apartments which you can rent for only a month or up to 2 years. This level of flexibility is ideal for an expat on a short-term contract.

Making these apartments available for temporary lets allows the subletter to recoup the costs for their apartment during their absence. On the other hand the tenant benefits from advantageous rental prices. Private homes are significantly less expensive than apartment hotels or business apartments as subletters usually ask only for their actual costs to be covered, and nothing for the furnishings.

A home away from home

Since you will be temporarily living in someone else’s apartment you won’t have to worry about buying your own furnishings. Generally all amenities are included in the rental costs. Business apartments or hotels can feel impersonal. There’s no reason why you should sacrifice your comfort when looking for short-term accommodation.

No waiting lists

Unlike the ordinary rental market, the supply of private homes for temporary sublease usually still exceeds demand. This makes the search of a temporary apartment much easier than finding an apartment for permanent stay. The majority of those seeking a temporary home usually find a solution after no more than two viewings.


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