Getting Taiwanese citizenship

Naturalization by marriage

Getting Taiwanese citizenship

An application must be submitted in person to the local Household Registration Office. The application will be transferred to the corresponding city/county government before it is transferred to the Ministry of Interior for approval.

Required documents

  • Application form of Nationality Naturalization

This is available at any Household Registration Office.

  • Transcript of Household Registration

This is to be verified by the Household Registration Office.

  • Valid Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) or Permanent Resident Certificate

The applicant is expected to apply for a resident visa at any ROC embassy. After obtaining the resident visa, the applicant must apply for an Alien Resident Certificate at the local National Immigration Agency Service Center within 15 days of entry in Taiwan.

  • Certificate of Residence in the ROC

The applicant must provide evidence that he has stayed for 183 days in Taiwan per year for at least five consecutive years. Any time spent as a foreign labourer, foreign student, or a dependent does not count towards the legal period of stay required by the Law of Naturalization.

  • A certificate showing the dates of entry and exit

This is to be verified by the Household Registration Office.

  • A certificate of criminal records during residency in the ROC.

This is to be verified by the Household Registration Office.

  • Documentation certifying that the applicant possesses sufficient property or professional skills that enable him to be self-reliant

Applicants who have received their Alien Permanent Resident Certificate or Quasi-Naturalization Status do not have to provide this documentation.

  • One of the following documents/certificates:

A certificate that proves Chinese language ability, and knowledge of civil rights and obligations may be required.
Note that applicants do not have to provide these documents if they have submitted relevant documentations for the application of Quasi-Naturalization Status:

  • Proof that the applicant has studied at a domestic public/private school for at least a year.
  • Proof that the applicant has completed at least 200 hours of an educational program offered by the domestic governmental authorities. (Applicants over the age of 65 only have to complete 72 hours).
  • Proof that the applicant has passed the ‘Chinese Language Ability and Common Sense of Civil Rights and Obligations of People Seeking the ROC Nationality by Naturalization’ examination (the pass mark is 70; for applicants above the age of 65, the passing score is 50).
  • An original and a Chinese translation of a document that certifies the applicant’s stateless status or loss of original nationality:

This is authenticated by an embassy and reviewed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the translated version must be authenticated by a local Notary Public). If the applicant believes that they cannot obtain the certification due to reasons out of their control, and the foreign affairs authority supports this claim, these certificates do not need to be provided. The responsible foreign affairs authority should provide relevant substantiating documents and translations in Chinese (the translations must be authenticated by a local Notary Public).

  • Two photographs 2x2 inch (with the applicant’s name written on the back).
  • Operation fee of NT$ 1,000 for the certificate (must be paid by postal draft, and is payable to the Ministry of Interior)

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