One way to learning Swiss German.......

  • Hi,

    I lived in Switzerland for 9 years. Unfortunately, I worked for an international company where even the Swiss needs to speak English. My Swiss wife speaks excellent English too that means we only communicate in English.

    I took intensive German course in Berlitz (same like Orla)immediately upon my arrival in Zurich which really helped me a lot. I was able to read signs and make very basic conversation immediately after the course. In addition, I also took 1 year one-on-one German lesson and Swiss German for 6 months.

    After seven years, without any practice at home and at work, I can speak German like a 4/5 year old child. I can go around for my basic needs but always nervous and very anxious to speak German.

    I lost my job and was forced to do business and stay at home and took care of our son as my wife had to go to work. Since then with the daily exposure to speaking Swiss German with our son, his friends, neighbours, sales people in the stores, business contacts etc... My German has improved a lot and lost my anxiety even over the telephone. I talk to people and I really don't care whether I use German or Swiss German or mix, what is important is that they understood me. Believe me, they will be happy to hear that you are trying to speak their language. Now, my written grammar has even improved!

    The lesson learned:

    1. It is hell to learn German in Switzerland as it is not the local language. You cannot use on the street what you've just learned at school!

    2. Once you can make basic German communication, forget that you speak English (or another language), try to mingle around with Swiss people who can not speak English.

    3. Watch German shows only and listen to German songsd too. Read German newspapers etc... live like a Swiss!

    4. You need to evaluate how German do you need at work. If you need to write business letters in German, then you have no choice but to learn proper German. But if you only need it to communicate with colleagues, friends verbally, you may want to consider learning Swiss German directly.

    You may want to consider in buying Victor Ebner Videos, I also used this for my self study at home. I think this helped me too.

    Good luck!

    Egger 01 Gru 2007, 07:50 - Zgłoś nadużycie
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How long does it take to learn German?

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