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French-registered private vehicles no longer require a road tax certificate ( vignette automobile), except certain camper vans. If you use a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes for your business, it must be taxed, and if you run a business that has more than three vehicles, you must pay tax on the fourth, fifth, etc..

If you have vehicles that need taxing, you must declare them to the tax authorities when you acquire them and before 10th December each year. Forms 2856 and 2857 must be completed; these, along with other relevant information, can be found on the Tax Office’s website ( ).

If your vehicle requires a vignette, keep the receipt with your other car papers, as this proves that you didn’t acquire it illegally and also enables you to obtain a replacement if it’s stolen. If you need to replace your vignette, visit any tax office ( Centre des Impôts) and produce your receipt.

If you lose the receipt, you can obtain another from the issuing office, which keeps a record of payments.

Since January 2006 a tax has been added to the cost of a registration document for cars that emit more than a certain amount of carbon dioxide. The use of most motorways ( autoroute) and certain bridges and tunnels is ‘taxed’ in the form of tolls.

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