Portuguese people are absolutely nice

  • I wish I could convey to every person who visits Portugal, just how special the Portuguese people are, and the importance of getting to know them. In my view, one is remiss if one visits Portugal as a "tourist", not understanding the culture,coming away with only photographs as memories of an extraordinary country and culture.


    30 mei 2007, 08:48 Fiona
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  • Portugal for the first time

    I will be coming to Portugal for the first time on June the 23rd for a week; we have heard nothing but praise for the Portuguese from everyone we have spoken to. The one thing we wont be looking for is the English restaurants and bars, I love to take in the culture of the place that I am in. I do try to speak the language of the country that I am in but I not very good at it but I will always give it ago. Well I hope this is the first of many visits, as my cousin has an apartment there.

    Maggie 30 mei 2007, 08:50 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • we love it!

    We love the Portuguese culture. So much so we have just bought an apartment and are hoping to move out full time next year. I could give you 100's of examples of how nice the people are, a restaurant owner who gives us a lift home, an estate agent (not ours) who gave us lift to Faro to see a friend in Hospital. He also translated for our friend as non of the Doctors spoke English. He wouldn't even take the petrol money from us! This is just a few examples. Can't wait until 5th August which is when we have our next trip!

    Max 30 mei 2007, 08:52 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Just how nice portuguese people are

    Hi, I agree with all the comments about how nicw Portuguese people are. I have now moved here and I have residency. i have bought a house and am renovating it. I am 73 and I have had help from so many young people I am amazed. In England it would never happen. I live on my owm except with my dog, so I do appreciate nice people. I do not need help from people, I have just repaired a leak in my roof, and the view from there is great. But it is so nice to meet so many nice people. It is how England was many years ago. I have bought a property near Mortagua, so I am with country people.

    Sid Barry. calvossid@yahoo.co.uk 24 jun 2007, 09:59 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • THANK YOU ALL..................

    I do believe when people stop and think , look around and understand the world then its easy how to see Portuguese people are the softest hearts in europe !!!

    I am Portuguese and I have travelled around the world both pleasure and work , encountered beautifull places and people but us ( Portuguese ) are the warmest souls.
    Please dont hesitate contact if you need any info about Portugal.

    [email removed]
    My name is Lina.

    Warm wishes

    Lina 31 jul 2007, 06:54 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Portuguese

    I would agree to some extent that the Portuguese are friendly, but like in all countries there are the rude ones as well. I currently live in Madeira, but are looking at the possiblitly of moving to the mainland. Here I have friends both ex-pats (English) and Portuguese, all of whom are nice people, but sometimes I have myself noticed how rude some of the Portuguese are, especially say you are slightly lost and you ask for directions, they ignore you..I speak a little Portuguese, but still there are times when I need help & sometimes I can only ask in my own language. I think perhaps here those that work in tourism related industries have to constantly smile because tourists are business and business is money.

    Jayne 11 feb 2008, 10:36 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Horrible portuguese??? ohhh Mina!!!!

    Hello Mia;

    I think it is very sad the way you generalise your own opinion, to that big extent.
    Not all the portuguese are rude, and close minded.
    And someone with a open mind should never do that.
    I am portuguese, brought to UK by my arents at a very young age, and I am proud to be portuguese and proud to live in a very wondefull country. However here and there and everywhere I have been I find myself sorrounded from fabulous people while there are times where people can be rude and heartless.
    People are people and you are not certainly a very good example of how friendly portuguese are, once you are judgemental and unkind against your own people.

    Best Regards;

    Emma 15 feb 2008, 11:21 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Portuguese people

    I have been living in Portugal for a few months now. i've found that the nice people here can be REALLY nice and do things that you wouldn't expect, and quite helpful. But in general I have found the Portuguese to be a bit cold, reserved, rude and hard to get to know, pushing in queues and rarely smiling. Yet, I think they're probably the gentlest nation of people I've ever come across. I don't think i have ever seen any outbreak of agression or shouting. P people are gentle for sure. I want to get to know more as I know there are some lovely people out here!

    Julie 01 apr 2008, 11:07 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Portguese

    People,really its not the culture and its not because they speak that language. If ur mean, than your mean, you'll be mean in italian, in chinese, in german, in any language, just because your portguese doesnt mean that you are mean. It has nothing to do with the language that person speaks. So dont go and say that portgugese people are mean because its not true. Some are mean and some are not because everywhere you go theres always gonna be rude people, and you saying that ALL portguese people
    are mean is like me saying that ALL dogs with long hair are gonna bite your finger. So dont talk if you dont know, and if your portguese and you say that all portguese poele are mean, thats including yourself too ok, and thats to whoever said portuguese people are mean, and the portuguese people who are making fun of brazillians on youtube is just stupid young people who dont know what they're talking about so dont go and blame it on all portuguese people, and 1 question.. why would you even look that up? oviouslly if you type in portuguese peole making fun of brazillians its gonna show up. DUHHHHH.. like people think about what you're gonna say before you say it.

    Vanessa 01 jun 2008, 11:22 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Portguese

    oo and to add 1 more thing to what i said above... how do you even know if that person is portuguese..??? i can easily go and say that im italian and poele would believe me and also those people can learn portuguese in a class or sumthing so they might not evn be portuguese.... like you all are idiots.

    Vanessa 01 jun 2008, 11:27 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Mainland vs Azores

    I suggest to anyone who wants to travel Portugal as I have that it can be very regional. The people vary from nice to rude if one must stereotype by location. Like any big city Lisbon can be rough. The Azorean people although some may feel that they are country bumpkins are some of the kindest down to earth people always willing to assist in directions very kind hearted.

    Robert from Ontario Canada 07 jun 2008, 04:59 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • portuguese people

    I am thirteen and I'm Portuguese.
    I love my country, my culture and the people.
    When someone needs help I help.
    All tourists I met were great people,we like great people and we also like learn about other cultures.
    Thats why we are nice people.

    sara 08 jul 2008, 08:21 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • From Paris with love

    Here in France, every Portuguese worker I have contracted to my business seems to be a very honest, serious, and competent person. The same doesn`t apply to Africans and South Americans... So I just closed the doors to those lazy bastards.

    The only nice people in the world are the sons of Europe. By the way, I love the Portuguese!!!

    Renan Petit 31 aug 2008, 01:22 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • portuguese are the best

    i am portuguese but i live in the states. portuguese people are incredibly kind, but like all people, if you are rude to them, they are going to be rude back

    olivia 14 sep 2008, 09:20 - Rapporteer misbruik

    f***ing hispanics...
    in europe no one talks like that. and someone from portugal is portuguese, not hispanic!! hispanic has to do with spain, mexico and some other countries but not portugal, you dumb!
    don't talk about what you don't know.
    totally agree with vanessa.

    Raquel 22 sep 2008, 07:50 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Portuguese

    Try to learn the language or at least please and thank you.
    As with all people treat the Portuguese with respect and courtesy, you are in their country, you will find you will be treated the same.
    I have had many happy visits to Portugal made special by the people I have met.

    Val 02 okt 2008, 01:48 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Portuguese descendant

    I am a Portuguese descendant and very proud of my Portuguese blood. I am always sentimental about Portugal and my Portuguese grandfather that came to my colony around 1511. I guess that part of my Portuguese heritage will never be erased.

    Anna Sta Maria, Malacca 20 okt 2008, 02:34 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • portugal and portuguese people

    hi!my name is sofia and i´m twelve years old.i live in lisbon. i love travell, also i visited some contries and coltures,i visited france, england, italy, dominican republic, new york, spain and outher contries. when i visited that contries, it was perfect, they are very nice and one of my dreams is visit all world and met outher coltures!i think the portuguese people are nice and helpful, but they have got faults of course, but when i see tourists, i like help them, so come to portugal and met our colture, you are very nice!my mother is italian, and i love learn new languages, sou bye in portuguese is "adeus" ou "ate breve".

    sofia 15 nov 2008, 10:35 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • portugueses

    i suppose portuguese are nice if you aren'ts brasilian. i'm brasilian and in my opinion portuguese are very racist, rude, arrogant people. i have never met on nice or humble one.

    brasileira 24 nov 2008, 01:33 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • People

    My greatest friend in the world is Portuguese. He lives near Algarve. He is the sweetest, kindest person I have ever had the experience to know. Sometimes as he said, the people can be a bit abrasive, but underneath it all, they are a good people.

    I think people should not judge an entire country so harshly from a few bad experiences.. there is tremendous love to be found among the Portuguese people...

    Gemmie 30 nov 2008, 11:24 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Hot! Hot! Hot!

    Well Im an Aussie and I have a Portuguese girlfriend....and not only is she incredibly hot, she also has the warmest heart! So I have hit the jackpot! She is very proud to come from Portugal and if she is any indication of what the people are like....well they cant be too bad, and as others point out....good and bad in every one...but she does have a little hangup about Brazilians.

    kane 04 dec 2008, 10:35 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Messing up everything… we are an passionate people, warm blood kind!

    First, yes I'm Portuguese, I have friends in many places and origins, and I wouldn't be a very vertical person if I wouldn't be able to look to my people with great respect, humbleness, and sometimes with a hard and, concerning virtues and flaws (and they are many)! Although people tend to see us as a very sad people, gentle at the same time, which is true, we can of course also get hungry and rude if the motif exists. About Brazilian and other people that the people in this website identify as racist, rude, racist, etc., that mostly belong to countries who where colonies from the 'old empire', the big difference between the majority of them and us is the approach toward others… they feel we are in debt of something to them exactly because of that… because they felt owned by this country… but that fortunately it's history for them and for us, I must ad and hope!… if we are so racist... why we fought for the Timor people just recently.. because we are racist?!
    So just to be brief, more than 500 years of 'traveling' (peacefully or not, correctly or not so) along the time, works with the character of a people… In order to grow and evolve we need to became more mature and accept! But most of our nature and behavior comes from reasons you can find in Portuguese History… due to the fact that touches with the Spanish and European, the English, the Africans, the Orientals, the Americans and even the Australians… just because we are the oldest nation in Europe… things like that work on you no mater what! I hope I was true to my people and fair with the others!

    Daniela 07 dec 2008, 06:53 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • just to had

    Finally, never look to a culture and it's people so generally, deal with the differences as well you deal with the things that make you come closer to the other, the individual. But never forget the frontiers of a country also exists in a person mind, behavior and temperament.

    Daniela 07 dec 2008, 06:59 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Portuguese-American perspective

    I'm 2nd generation Port/Luso-American on my dad's side and 3rd on my first. I speak decent Portuguese and have visited and lived in Portugal. I can say that many Portuguese people are nice but there are a lot of ignorant and rude Portuguese people too. The Portuguese are always bragging about how "important" their language is but they're rude and impatient with foreigners speaking their language (Imagine if an English-speaker did the same!). Because Portuguese is not an important world language like English or Spanish, the native speakers aren't used to foreign accents and grammatical mistakes. This is a shame since it stops people from wanting to learn the language. A lesson for rude Portuguese people - be patient with people learning your language! Appreciate that they even try. They don't make fun of your horrible English!

    Lopes 14 dec 2008, 09:40 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • There are a lot of perspectives…

    I believe is the other way around… We have to make an extra effort to learn and speak proper English, meanwhile foreigners only have to want to speak Portuguese… because most of the times we try to reach you, instead of demanding others to speak our language! I find very strange that only the emigrants and their descendants are very sour towards their origins… I'm surprised! It should be other way no… they left… but we are travelers by heart! Accept your past and you'll have a more peacefuller and brighter future. All the best!

    Maria 15 dec 2008, 04:52 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • portugal

    portugal is a great place!

    paulo 14 jan 2009, 06:19 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Silly discussion.

    It's this kind of discussion that proves how close minded and racist people are.

    You can't generalize like this. You can't just grab 10 million people and put them all in the same bag. How many of the 10 million do you actually know? One? Ten? One hundred max perhaps?

    All I can say is that I met a lot of people from different countries and backgrounds and they were all unique. No person is the same. I had some bad experiences with the only 2 Polish people I met but you never gonna hear me say "All Polish people are bad", because it was only 2 people I met.

    Imagine you go to France and you meet someone and he robs you. Does this make all French people thieves? But that's what you going to spread isnt't it? All your friends that don't know any French people will then spread that all French people are thieves. It's a snowball.

    It's because of things like this that there's so much hate in the world. People can be very intolerant sometimes.

    So open your minds and hearts and start looking for good the good in people instead of the bad. Spread the love you have for people and not the hate. And maybe, one day, the world will be a peacefull place.

    JV 26 jan 2009, 01:02 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Portuguese people are kind... I think we all are...

    Hi Guys!
    I'm a Philippine National and my boyfriend is Portuguese... And I can say, he's one of the few good men...He's a very nice person.I think he's a person with a good heart not because he's from Portugal, but because he's just like that. We're in Dubai right now, here you can find people of all kinds. So many people like Filipinos, so many doesn't. So many Arabs that are bad. So many are good. So many rude Indians, so many good Indians. I guess, it's just by bad luck that when we go in a place for the very first time and we encountered one person from one country that is very rude, we are just going to have an impression of that nationality forever. But then, as I spend more of my time here in Dubai, I can see all people are made of different colors.

    Five years ago, an Arab guy wants to molest me. Why? My fault, I was speaking with him so sweet and smiling at him. I'm the same in the Philippines. Men and women can talk to each other without barriers and without any maliscious intent. But silly me, I did not make some research. After he realizes I'm not what he thinks (by the way he's my office mate), he left me alone and apologizes. Then I've learned my lesson. But inspite of that, I have friends that are Arabs. I even had a bad experience with Indians and Pakistanis. But I have more good Indian friends. There are also Americans and British that very very rude, but there's a lot that are very nice.

    To come back with our topic. I went to Portugal last Christmas, and they are really nice. They are very accomodating. I like the food also. Most of them doesn't understand English, but so what I can express my self with actions and smile. And it's fun! My boyfriend's family is very nice. And me being a fun of elder people help's me a lot. Plus the fact the he's always at my side so I will not feel alone just makes me feel more at home. Not to be biase about my boyfriend being Portuguese and just seeing good things in his country. I have to tell my dislikes and bad experience also. I'm not blind about it, I'm 100% sure that he will be the same when he will go to my country.

    Well, five things I don't like in Portugal. One, people always drink beer. Mamma Mia! They are drinking beer more than water. Second, 80% of the coffee shop only have espresso and even my capuccino tastes like espresso. Third, since it's the first place in Europe I've been too, I'm not used to boyfriend-girlfriend french kissing in public (e.g. parks, trains, etc) like there's no tomorrow to kiss each other. Fourth, I don't find Christmas and New Year fun (it's nice but just different in what I used to have in the Philippines). I only like the fact that I'm celebrating it with him and he's family . Fifth, so expensive phone calls to the Philippines!

    Inspite of all these, i will still love to visit Portugal again (even we broke up... happy..)
    Everywhere we go, we will meet people we like and people we doesn't like. Let's not just generalize people.

    And by the way, when we're having a fight. I'm telling bad things about Portuguese and so he is about Filipinos. But then we realizes we're both wrong. But for me, when I encountered any nationality asking me what nationality is my boyfriend and will start to tell very bad things about Portuguese. I will make it a point that he will swallow he's own words! In the end. I don't know who's bad, Portuguese or Filipinoes.

    Catherine Evangelista 30 jan 2009, 09:40 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • What a coincidence.. (response)

    I understand what you're talking about. I used to think the same way.

    But have you ever stopped and thought about the reasons behind such behavior? I remember the services in Portugal being much better and people more honest. What's happening is not people's fault. People are desperate in Portugal, they're cornered. And just like any other animal, when you get cornered you get aggressive and defensive. Times are really difficult in Portugal, people are struggling a lot to make a living.

    That's why the services are not with a smile anymore and are sloppy. Business people are desperately trying to get ahead even if they have to step on other people to succeed.

    Remeber that a lot of Portuguese people are a bit behind (not their fault but the oppressive regime 1926-1974) but there are a lot well ahead. That's why you have amazing writers, musicians, the successful Belmiro de Azevedo (businessman), some great inventions and also great specialized doctors. Maybe you can't find these type of people in your little corner of Portugal but there are a lot of them out there.

    Porto and Lisbon it's not a serious dispute, it's more a pretend little war going on for centuries, you're not Portuguese you don't understand so don't talk about what you can't understand.

    You're having a bad experience but hey, it's nearly a year like you said. I've been living in Portugal for 45 years, I travelled up and down the country and met probably 10000 more people than you and still I don't think I have the right to crush a whole country just because I've had some bad experiences. Maybe if you stay 10 more years or so you'll start to understand what I'm talking about.

    Word of advice. If you hate it so much leave.

    Why live in a place you hate so much?

    James Stewart 02 feb 2009, 02:44 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Idiot

    I'm a Portuguese guy living in the UK and I if I was a closed minded idiot like you I would also take my bad experiences and come to forums bash the country that I chose to start a new life.

    I could say UK it's all chavs claiming benefits, rude people always saying f**k in every sentence they use, worst transport system I've ever seen ,etc.

    But no, it's more than that. There are the very polite people, amazing service most places I go, great musicians and comedians, etc.

    So I feel I can't say UK are all chavs or UK people are all ultra polite. In every country there's a bit of everything.

    That portuguese rudeness you're talking about is not rudeness, it's just the way it comes across to foreigners. There's certain accents in Portugal that sound like we're arguing and shouting with eachother but trust me, it's just the way of some people. In the beginning I found funny that some english people thought I was arguing when I was talking to other Portuguese people. It just Portuguese people have a sort of a passion when they're talking about something that make it sound like they're upset or something.

    I hope you can open your heart a little bit and try to find the good instead of focusing on the bad things. If you stay long enough they'll win you over, you'll see.

    Carlos 03 feb 2009, 10:02 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Nobody's perfect (Sarcasm all the way)

    Ye, Portuguese people are retarded, French people smell like garlic, German are all Nazis, Brazillians are dumb, All south America are drug dealers, The Americans are warmongers and the British Imperialistic arseholes.

    Oh, the chinese are all comunists!

    It seems like we should just commit mass suicide right?

    How about taking your fingers and point it at yourselves before you point it to others?
    You'll see that you're gonna find out that you're not that great yourselves.

    At least I admit it. I'm another asshole, I don't pretend that I'm better than everybody else. I know I'm another flawed human but I know I can also find good in me. But when you have the courage to analyze yourselves before you start reaching conclusions of how everybody sucks then you won't have the courage to point your finger anymore.

    John 03 feb 2009, 10:14 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Portuguese and others

    1st let me state I'm portuguese.
    I don't find portuguese to be worse or better than other nationalities. Generalisations are dangerous. I've been in many countries in Europe, South america, Near and Far East, and I've met nice and rude people everywhere. Unfortunately some people tend to find on other someone to be less than them. Some people are just plain racist or arrogant. I've read somewhere here that portuguese don't respect foreigners that try to speak portuguese. On the contrary. Among portuguese the complaint against foreigners, is that even when we don't understand the language we make an effort to be helpful, for years i did that whenever some spaniard in vacation asked me for something. Then the first time I went to spain, almost everyone rpplied to me "No lo entiendo" - I don't understand you. It sucks. Some brazilians have this thing that they country is not developed because poruguese stole their richness. The colonial period was the same for every country, it was common practice, and french, english, spanish, portuguese and dutch did the same. Brazilians have been independent for 200 years, so it's their responsability now. Of course, the brazilian elites have all the interest on finding someother to blame for the abyssal distribution of wealth and justify the misery in which most of the people live. Some one said in the forum that portuguese try to act like italians. I have never seen that and I am portuguese. But yes it's true there are many stupid portuguese, as there are english and french and chinese. I'm from Algarve (mostly beach tourism), but live now in Lisbon, and i find very silly that english go "overseas" to behave unpropperly, and be drunk all day long, and go everywhere bearfooted without a t-shirt, and swear. I've lived in England, and I never saw them doing that, nor did I, while I was there. It a question of education and respect for others.

    tinytino 03 feb 2009, 02:43 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • oh my god.

    anyone who is portuguese and comes here to bash on their own country, is not only an idiot, but is the exact type of person they said we all are. i'm portuguese, and my opinion is pretty darn simple: we're all people. like everyone else in other countries, we don't all have the same personalities, it's just so bluntly ignorant to come in and call us hispanics and morons. where do you come from johny? some place nice? i bet everyone thinks you're a prick, btw (: alright, we're not always the nicest people, but hey, tourists don't always give us reasons to behave nice. i've seen a lot of nasty, rude and arrogant tousists who think we're all a bunch of f***ing morons who can't even speak properly. so why, oh why, would i even bother to help someone like that? if you're nice, if you smile and speak to us in a normal tone, i assure you that 80% of us we'll be nothing short of politer and helpful. it's who we are as a nation, bottom line. english people are polite, educated and always on time, that's their stereotype. ours is that we're friendly, nearly always drunk and we love parties. everything else, and even that, is generalizing things to a point of blind stupidity.

    filipa 09 feb 2009, 01:27 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Evolucao

    Nao percebo estas discussoes de "O meu quintal é melhor que o teu"?

    Quando é que as pessoas vao perceber que nascem em determinado lugar por acaso? Ou será que há nascenca lhes foi posto a escolha?

    E que conversa é essa de usar a expressao "O meu País" ou " A minha cidade"? Os Paises, cidades, etc, nao pertencem a nenhum de voces, simplesmente nasceram lá.

    As pessoas tambem usam erradamente a palavra orgulho. "Tenho orgulho de ser Portugues" ou algo do genero. Pode-se dizer "Tive sorte de nascer neste sitio" porque até é um sitio bom para se viver. Orgulho é quando se alcanca alguma coisa e nao se pode aplicar ao facto aleatorio do local de nascimento.

    Se a maioria nao tivesse a mente tao fechada se aperceberiam que sao de uma certa nacionalidade agora, mas analisando todas as geracoes passadas provavelmente temos origens de dezenas de nacionalidades.

    Por exemplo, eu sou Portugues mas sei que a minha bisavo da parte do meu pai era espanhola, e a bisavo da parte da minha mae cigana sei lá de onde. Agora ponho a hipotese de antes disso a bisavo da bisavo teve filhos com um ingles que por sua vez depois misturam-se com franceses, depois alemaes e chineses, pronto, percebem onde quero chegar.

    O mundo inteiro é uma grande mistura. Nós apenas nascemos num determinado lugar e nos foi atribuido uma nacionalidade. Mas isso nao quer dizer que somos diferentes uns dos outros.

    Conclusao, Portugueses ou Ingleses qual é a diferenca? Para que serve a guerra de regioes e paises se somos todos uma misturada.

    p.s. Assumindo que viemos todos das mesmas celulas que deram origem a todos os animais, nem sequer chegamos a ser uma mistura, mas simplesmente evoluimos de maneira diferente devido ao clima e circunstancias.

    Armando 11 feb 2009, 02:19 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • To all the people speaking without any knowledge of what they're saying...

    yes.i'm portuguese.i live in lisbon and i'm software engineer and work at one of the biggest software company's in the world...therefore i had to study...so...not everyone is dumb or ignorant as many have said.while a student i participated in erasmus, european student exchange programme,in poland and there i had the possibility to travel all over the europe and met almost every country.guess what?in all of them i met very stupid people and very cool people.for example...poland due to it's history,people are usually a little bit dark(in this i mean older people),they do not apreciate foreign people,in the meanwhile young people are awesome,always looking to know a little more about us.polish guys normally hate any latin guys...some issues with girls,which is explain because we have a different style/look/skin/habits...i also have felt racism in poland specially in clubs...but...also have been very well pleased.
    when i went to england...well...london was quite a shock...haven't met a single person that i can say...wow...you're so kind...or even nice.guys always looking for trouble...when they listened a different language...even if they didn't knew what language it was...they where always trying to bullying us...shame for them we were in much bigger number...i was almost desperate to think english people sucks...when we got to the hostel and got in the same floor of some english student doing a trip to england...there i meet what english people is...they're cool to...but have some problems with trusting someone not from their circle of friends...and always trying to impress them.even here in portugal...specially algarve...i met so many cool british and all of them say...they love this country.

    went to france...guess what?the same thing...not very kind...till they met you...germany...racism?ohhh yeahhh...so many times...but can i generalize?some of my floormates in erasmus where german...the right expression to qualify them...is...good vibe.always in to party and everything...but also have their...perfectism in everything they do...and racism?went with them to cracow...to auschwitz,nazi concentration camp...and spoke with them and saw shame on their eyes and the same pain that every person who ever been there felt.

    italy...i read about and italian here speaking about we steeling their culture...habits...spare me the ceaser's speach...you tried to dominate europe...and portugal is also an latin coutry?and has a latin language...and most of the cities have latin names...do you know what that even means? metrosexualism is not italian...so the colars are all around...just watch a fashion magazine...ok...back to italy,rome is beautiful...still...so f***ing dirty...if i had the same kind of perception of reality that many have spoken about portugal...i would say...italian=pig...so much for fashion but you don't even clean your streets or houses...but it's not correct...i saw italian guys trying to hang out with our girls and their arguments where always about money and stuff they had...well...in my country i would call that..hum...show off..stupid...silly...promiscuos...bla bla bla..once your in the disco club they all getting along with us...partying...drinking...beautifull girls also.

    czech republic...beautiful prague...people are awesome...though older people dont look you in the eyes.can i generaliza?nop...when to a restaurant in the meadle of brno and the owner(a 65year old man) met some portuguese long time ago in africa...he treated us like king...even sleeped at is home.

    spain...well spainish for me are like brothers.love the country...love the people...love the culture.yes they have some their problems also...not very clean streets and have pamplona bull race...etc...have eta terrorism...but even though...i met many basque people and all of them,specially from bilbao...are the most crazy i ever met.ongietorri was the first thing they told me when i arrived there...wich means..wellcome...where they terrorist's?who cares...great people...with some political/historical issues and explained to me...and shocker...they have all the reason to complain about...but their actions blow up everything losing all the reason it self.

    i could speak of almost every country...and it would be the same repeating story.

    met aussies...those guys are sick in the good way...insame perhaps...but historicaly they initially had some states that where penal colony's...so...using the analogy of what i read above...they would be all sons of convicts.

    americans..i met so many dumb american...i lost count...many of them tought that spain was aside mexico...portugal was part of it...world history for them is like quantum science for a 5 year old kid...springbreak is the top of human futility..."yeahhh beer!yeahh rock on!!! pussy pussy...let me see some boobs"...well it's their culture...i respect it...cause...america is all about culture...native american are a minority...and the roots are european and african.what concerns to inteligence...well...they have the best scientist in the world...and the biggest archivements of the modern world...so...cant generalize...just say...they have a lousy education system.

    portugal is one of the most multicultural country's in europe due to it's history and from it's location.yes it is true,that people in the interior/country are less open-minded but are also more kind.just look in to your own big towns...like ny...london...paris...rome...not like a natural habitant...but like a little fly...the stress/rush/work/economy there are so many common factors to all big cities that leave people to have some less-than-usual behavior when challenged with a different situation. portuguese are knowed all over the world by it's efford to try to speak the natural language when visiting a foreign country...and i'm just an example...but those who crossed anytime a portuguese in your own country i almost bet that he tried to speak your language...as worse as it could be. now...have you ever tried to speak portuguese? i assume not. has for racism...is the same in every country...i saw brazilians speaking about portuguese are racists...well...i tell you one thing...in the past few years there has been a big income of brazilians to portugal,most part of them are from minas,not from rio...brasilia...florianopolis...nop...minas gerais. and since this emigration begun without any control...the criminallity in portugal,specially the brutal,as increased 8x. the carjacking was something we never heard about...and sudenly...may there be carjacking...and women traffic...and all those problems we didn't had.even i already have been victim of carjacking. so...imagine your home...always shining...always quiet...and...next day...you go to your backyard and see an explosion of a nuclear bomb from a marcian civilization...what would you say?ohh no...a bomb as ruined my potatos?you would have some issues with marcians. black people?racism?my best friend is from buraca...one of the biggest ghettos in portugal,i'm tipicall portuguese...never experience a problem with so called in other country's...afro's...what a f***...aren't we all made of flesh and blood and bones?what about hitler?what about the slavery of britain and france?what about usa that only abolished slavery in the xx century?and droped a nuke bomb in hiroshima?...get a life...spend your time trying to know some culture...try to learn something...not just saying...f***ing hispanics...hispanics are used in america...and that kind of speech...is truly racist...so...if you want to know a country with it's pros and cons...with real people...with real thougth even different than yours...and enjoy what this country has to give...come to portugal and you'll be surprised.

    if you want people to venerate you...and everything is perfect...and no misery...and all good thing...go to cancun/bora bora/polinisia resorts where you see a happy face...with a poor heart and life...and even if you try to know them...like i tryied in cuba...they are the most generouse people i ever knowed...so...be a citizen of the world...not a nationalist bastard.


    danyetimoteo@gmail.com 13 feb 2009, 06:56 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • PORTugal

    Hi! I'm from Portugal and i'm here to say a few things... 1º portugal is not just Lisbon and Allgarve, Oporto counts too, it is a beautiful city, nice people but some of the people are not bastards but retarders they like to mess with someone or something. im from oporto and i'm not like them.
    And 2º Come to visit Oporto you will not be disapointed....

    Jorge Teixeira 15 feb 2009, 07:22 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Carlos Paião - Playback (Genius!!!)

    Podes não saber cantar,
    Nem sequer assobiar
    Com certeza que não vais desafinar
    Em play-back, em play back, em play-back!

    Só precisas de acertar,
    Não tem nada que enganar,
    E, assim mesmo, sem cantar vais encantar
    Em play-back, em play back, em play-back!

    Põe o microfone à frente,
    Muito disfarçadamente,
    Vai sorrindo, que é p'ra gente
    Lá presente
    Não notar!...

    Em play-back tu és alguém
    Mesmo afónico cantas bem...
    Em play-back,
    A fazer play-back
    E viva o play-back
    Hás-de sempre cantar bem.
    Em play-back, respirar p'ra quê?
    Quem não sabe também não vê...
    Em play-back,
    A fazer play-back
    E viva o play-back
    Dá p'ra toda uma soirée!..
    Abre a boca, fecha a boca
    Não te enganes, não te esganes,
    Vais Ter uma apoteose,
    Põe-te em pose
    P´ra agradar!...
    Em play-back é que tu és bom,
    A cantar sem fugir do tom...
    Em play-back
    A fazer play-back
    E viva o play-back
    Hás-de sempre cantar bem.
    Com play-back até pedem bis:
    Mas decerto, dirás feliz...
    Em play-back
    A fazer play-back
    E viva o play-back
    Agradeces e sorris

    Karaoke king! 19 feb 2009, 10:09 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Proud to be Portuguese-American

    My father and mother immigrated to the USA from Portugal in 1945.
    My father never spent a day in school, but he was one of the most creative, resourceful, and hardworking person I have ever known. He also loved to have a good time and tell us folk stories from Portugal.
    My mother was also very creative, resourceful, and hardworking. She also loves to have a good time.
    They were the best neighbors a person could have. They knew how to be hospitable, helpful, and fair.
    My parents are now 92 and 87. They have lived a relatively healthy life. They are not perfect people, but the are two of the nicest people you will ever meet.
    My father lives in Portugal.
    God bless my parents and God bless Portugal.

    Gloria 07 mrt 2009, 09:25 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • helloo

    i think portugal is a wonderful country
    could you tell me though about the historic bad people

    sabernina 19 mrt 2009, 04:14 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Its the other way around...unfortunately !!!

    I am from a medium city in the center of Portugal. I am sure that we treat other people BETTER then ourseves!!! If you are black everyone will be nice to you and say hello to you at school!
    We pay 200 euros A MOUNTH to every brazilian, africans from angola, mozambique, cabo verde etc because they were part of our empire and speak our language! I am young and probably my pension is going to be the lowest of the entire U.N! So if we were racist we would not give millions of euros to imigrants since we have economic troubles.

    I think we do have a problem with organization, accuracy and work ethic. But you know what? Thats due to the poor educational system we have. I was an emigrant and saw many portuguese work! And they work like no one else! You can see that every portuguese community in any part of the world has a good reputation. The thing is that when we are in our country the 420 euros minimum wage is not catchy enough!!!

    The biggest problem of our country are the polititians that steal from the "regular joe"! After the April 25th we gained liberties... we opened ourseves to the world once again but we lost respect for what is ours... There are few patriotic people unfortunatly. The young people are VERY OPEN MINDED to imigrants and everything that is different but they DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHAT IS OURS! So everything about we being close minded, arrogant, racist and every line of though going that way is completly bullshit!!!

    Anyway I would rather have what most of the english came here and said about us (Close Minded, Arrogant, Proud and etc) than have the whole nation afraid and not giving a shit of being patriotic and fighting for the interests of the nation! The americans are that way and they gain alot from that position!! The spainish to the same thing and they gain alot from that position!! so on son!


    Portuguese will understand better what i am saying even if they disagree.

    Zé Povinho 15 apr 2009, 07:46 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Wondering...

    I'm a Portuguese descendant but I didn't have any clue where it is on the map till I was 17.
    So, really I'm wondering, what's the difference whether you're a Portuguese or not?

    FlaME 16 mei 2009, 07:38 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Hmm...

    I think most people just enjoy being racist. No matter where you go you can always find them everywhere. What you don't realize is that when you discriminate negatively toward others you've become racist already. So cut it out!!

    FlaME 30 mei 2009, 01:04 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Hey!

    The Portuguese I met are far from perfect just like every other nationality in the world. I do find them very kind and trusthworthy and I just love the way their men keep their hands to themselves and are respectful of women when you initially go out partying with them. I guess this is the reason I am going out with a Portuguese bloke and going to see his captivating country for the second time this year

    Paula 20 jun 2009, 06:57 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Portuguese

    Its a fuuny situation, the Portuguese iimigrants that go to Brazil are wealthy and are looking to invest in Brazil.
    However the Brazilian that go to Portugal go there to sell their records or work as bartenders and as waiters, all non skilled. And now they have the cheek to call portuguese people rude and arrogant, well the portuguese people are clearly not rude and arrogant enough because the brazilian are still pouring into Portugal......

    Trabalhei nas obras 04 aug 2009, 03:52 - Rapporteer misbruik
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