Portuguese people are kind... I think we all are...

  • Hi Guys!
    I'm a Philippine National and my boyfriend is Portuguese... And I can say, he's one of the few good men...He's a very nice person.I think he's a person with a good heart not because he's from Portugal, but because he's just like that. We're in Dubai right now, here you can find people of all kinds. So many people like Filipinos, so many doesn't. So many Arabs that are bad. So many are good. So many rude Indians, so many good Indians. I guess, it's just by bad luck that when we go in a place for the very first time and we encountered one person from one country that is very rude, we are just going to have an impression of that nationality forever. But then, as I spend more of my time here in Dubai, I can see all people are made of different colors.

    Five years ago, an Arab guy wants to molest me. Why? My fault, I was speaking with him so sweet and smiling at him. I'm the same in the Philippines. Men and women can talk to each other without barriers and without any maliscious intent. But silly me, I did not make some research. After he realizes I'm not what he thinks (by the way he's my office mate), he left me alone and apologizes. Then I've learned my lesson. But inspite of that, I have friends that are Arabs. I even had a bad experience with Indians and Pakistanis. But I have more good Indian friends. There are also Americans and British that very very rude, but there's a lot that are very nice.

    To come back with our topic. I went to Portugal last Christmas, and they are really nice. They are very accomodating. I like the food also. Most of them doesn't understand English, but so what I can express my self with actions and smile. And it's fun! My boyfriend's family is very nice. And me being a fun of elder people help's me a lot. Plus the fact the he's always at my side so I will not feel alone just makes me feel more at home. Not to be biase about my boyfriend being Portuguese and just seeing good things in his country. I have to tell my dislikes and bad experience also. I'm not blind about it, I'm 100% sure that he will be the same when he will go to my country.

    Well, five things I don't like in Portugal. One, people always drink beer. Mamma Mia! They are drinking beer more than water. Second, 80% of the coffee shop only have espresso and even my capuccino tastes like espresso. Third, since it's the first place in Europe I've been too, I'm not used to boyfriend-girlfriend french kissing in public (e.g. parks, trains, etc) like there's no tomorrow to kiss each other. Fourth, I don't find Christmas and New Year fun (it's nice but just different in what I used to have in the Philippines). I only like the fact that I'm celebrating it with him and he's family . Fifth, so expensive phone calls to the Philippines!

    Inspite of all these, i will still love to visit Portugal again (even we broke up... happy..)
    Everywhere we go, we will meet people we like and people we doesn't like. Let's not just generalize people.

    And by the way, when we're having a fight. I'm telling bad things about Portuguese and so he is about Filipinos. But then we realizes we're both wrong. But for me, when I encountered any nationality asking me what nationality is my boyfriend and will start to tell very bad things about Portuguese. I will make it a point that he will swallow he's own words! In the end. I don't know who's bad, Portuguese or Filipinoes.

    Catherine Evangelista 30 jan 2009, 09:40 - Rapporteer misbruik
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Portuguese people are absolutely nice

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