Swiss crash

  • Switzerland is wonderful as postcard and that catch a lot of people to come there but indeed , this Land is only good for Rich people who are not so interesting in meeting others or are in some way similar to Swiss.

    For all others who would like to catch Swiss culture will find only racism, non-humor , afraid people , perfection and great landscape.
    Good is that there is high % of foreigners. Without them it would not be possible to make ground’s of conversations with some unknown.
    Interesting is that there live with Swiss or without Swiss Pass 23% of foreigners but could not change anything in originally Swiss people. Compare with Germany where is less then 10% of foreigners( I lived there 6 years)could change a lot of German culture.

    Swiss as a nation does not really exist in cultural way . Swiss German speaking parts, French speaking parts and Italian + 23% foreigners. They could not catch a time and are close inside to the others in thinking as “ Swiss culture will survive if we do not take other influences”

    But now they have a big problem cause of non acclimatization to present time with name European Union. They are in middle of European Union and even if they are not in EU it seems that they are inside as they need to accept foreign workers from EU , pay to new member of EU and pay as well to projects which are important for EU but not for Switzerland as Transportation routs…new tunnels , railroads , road…

    Swiss people does not have to be friendly to those who are coming to live in Switzerland or tourists but they must to be friendly to EU or US then they can destroy Swiss market if they order them to open all accounts publicly . This will produce that bank will not be so strong as they are. There will not be so many Bankers , consultants, lawyers and Swiss firms will not have backs by the banks to support them as soon they come to some kind of trouble

    This all is cause Switzerland can afford this shiny life by the jobs as :
    Banking ( 6 % of Swiss work in Banks) + Consulting services , lawyers ( only in Zurich is more then 2000 lawyers)… and other high paying services. But the banks and Swiss banking secret is what Switzerland can destroy in future.

    Europe have big changes in last decades but Swiss people do not recognize how rich they are cause they have so many foreigners and do not use power of their culture as other Countries
    do. They use them only for work but in their culture are not interesting. Is for regret!

    I will translate one song into English

    …My life is Switzerland , almost perfect
    Like shiny brilliant , with skill hand furbished
    Have only one wish ….
    To somebody loves me cause of me!
    “Dino Merlin’s song “

    S. 11 Apr 2008, 03:57 - Verstoß melden
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Switzerland is boring!!!!

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