Switerland and the Swiss very Boring !!!!! Please discuss ....

  • OK...now I don't wish to paint all of Switzerland with the same shade of dull grey emulsion, nor do I wish to comment on the many fun and interesting Swiss people I've not yet met, but so far, in my very humble opinion the Swiss are possibly the most boring race on the planet, and perhaps the galaxy.

    I worked in Switzerland for a while, and I did try to get about, make friends and see something of the place. In fairness you could travel very well without incident or delay (nevertheless useful but in itself quite boring). The people were universally reserved and would shy away from open conversation. What on Earth do they have to hide? Perhaps this is the fun bit..?Are they secret perverts...I do hope so.

    Now I'm an Accountant, and even boring old me felt like something of a weirdo in this tight knit, "everything by the book" place.

    We now have left Switzerland ( on time and punctually...) and live in Asia. Unfortunately our neighbours ( ...BORES..just noticed the pun...get it ?) are Swiss. We've been here for three months and despite trying to exchange pleasantries we've still got no further than a curt nod for good morning and another nod in the evening.

    They spend all day cleaning the front of the house and tending to a funny little windmill which drives a model of a man chopping wood...I kid you not. I have pictures.

    I also met another Swiss couple on the beach yesterday. They had tried to buy 10 sun beds so that they could be on their own....honestly...It's not that we wanted to party or nod twice in one hour or something ! We sat down on the sand and this angry Swiss pensioner piped up...”Hey, you, I’ve paid for these sunbeds..all of them..I don't want to be disturbed....” cricky, it seemed as though he had been disturbed for years ! After a few unpleasant glances and nods, he grumbled that he had a right to not see people - in reply and somewhat ungraciously I called him a boring, nasty, tosser ! But that did do the trick...no more grumbling from him...he was probably plotting his awful revenge …perhaps he was planning to fiddle with my wristwatch when I was in the sea…pop it back a couple of minutes, change the date or something…now that’s an awful unmentionable thing in Switzerland I can tell you....I can’t wait for tomorrow.

    Anyway enough of that....I’ve many more examples but I’m boring myself just thinking of them.

    SWITZERLAND, and the SWISS are the most dull and uneventful bunch of people you could ever wish to meet.

    Gordon 22 Jan 2008, 04:17 - Verstoß melden
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Switzerland is boring!!!!

Diese Foren sind nicht mehr aktiv. Um eine neue Diskussion zu veröffentlichen, besuchen Sie bitte unser Schweiz Forum.