(sry my engish is not so good) Most of your answers shows...

  • that u guys are shit to!
    i read a lot of cheap answers from people.
    who sounds not a bit different from what they blame swiss people.
    many of this comments are from frustrated peoples who should leave our country and go to the big super nice world adn search a better life!

    people who think they know switzerland and write such things, sry you are dump like trash if you argue like this and not realize that every country has its bads and gods.
    and its not just your neighbour who represents switzerland.

    i agree that many people are boring here because they not integrate u.

    but u must have vitsited other regions, people are not everywhere so hard to get in contact, mostly they are friendly and nice.

    politically i would be very very quite as foreigner or u tell me what country is better with public life, im very very wondering what country u show me!

    if you identify swiss people with our banks "they are filled with money from rich asses of all your countries"
    its the same if i say all americans doing racism and get themselves recources with wars, when ever they want.
    u guys should first make very finde differences and then typing.

    if u can feel the small positives in our country and see how clean our nature is, you will feel free here.
    you can do what ever u want nobody tells you u can't do this.

    in this country nobody has to be on the street, you can get everything social standards are up the highest on world, but u have to do something for it. if not you get kicked in the ass "but very late"..

    what i think is very worst here in switzerland, is the bussiness.
    and here i share same position with most of you.

    first i think many swiss people and gerally the peoples are watching to mutch tv.
    all the shitty f***ing unrealistic tv shows from america and elswehere poisoning peoples minds and showing them a strange f***ed up way of life., womans and men doing themselve to be objects, arogant, fully materialistic, but there are still very nice clear and naturally womans and men here..
    "and u gonna tell me where this is different lol!"
    but thats a society problem why has to be analyzed and accepted or avoided, becuase media is power and control, you alle know that better in other countries its mutch more agressive.

    thke this as 1 more fact to understand the different peoples and their status in society.

    many of our old industirals are going to pension and disapearing, young bluffers filled up with strange foreigner bussiness tactics comming up and destroying life here. its not a f***ing swiss thing this be in be better or be best in bussiness ----> we just want qulity not foreign bussiness tactics who declare humans to objects, an by all the respect this comes from shitty coutries elswhere!

    u gonna se from where this shithole attitude comes -> from other countires.
    if you not realize how bussiness people get trained to be an asshole you are just from stoneage.

    swiss bussiness people think they are the best "but they are not" they are arogant and just look for themselves, having big problems to make a good teamwork.
    many industries even dont exist here.

    but that is not a generalization take that in mind before writing down all that negative...

    or just shut the f*** up and leave it will be better for your personal feeling and for this country!

    it makes me angry to see that people can't really make intelligent analysis from a country they stay as guests, its just typically and not a cent more worth.

    from zürich 16 Apr 2008, 11:09 - Verstoß melden
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Switzerland is boring!!!!

Diese Foren sind nicht mehr aktiv. Um eine neue Diskussion zu veröffentlichen, besuchen Sie bitte unser Schweiz Forum.