Wrong way to judge!!

  • Hey I'm Larissa's boyfriend ^.^!!!

    I'm going to defend Switzerland in this thread, cos' it's unfair tu judge a country only cos' you met the wrong persons, I mean... who of you doesn't have annoying neighbours or someone you don't like? And does THAT mean your whole country is boring, or whatever, only if a foreigner would meet this bad persons? NO WAY!

    It's totally unfair to judge and generalize a whole country, when you just have met a few people, you can't judge: "Switzerland's boring" then if you would not like people to say: "Argentina's boring", "Mexico's corrupt", "USA is full of idiots" (without any sense of offense, just as examples), etc...

    I met my girlfriend some years ago already, and I can tell that not only she, but her friends are wonderful persons, her family's really cool, and I can say I could not be luckier to have fell in love with her; at first I thought it would be something really serious, as I know swiss are perfectionist in all they do, but wow! What a NICE surprise I got when I started knowing my girl and some of her friends, I just opened my eyes and realized it's really WRONG to judge a contry by only some persons, some wrong persons, you crossed within.

    I know some of you that consider Switzerland's boring have been living there for years, maybe a lot, but I think one has to do a lil' bit as well, to get to know someone, if you see people are shy or whatever, then you tak the first step, let's not fall into wrong ways to talk about a country, in this case, MY COUNTRY, cos' I'm from CH as well, my girlfriend is just right, would you like people to tell the same about your own country, you people?

    Let's think before say anything, I hate people that talks just for some bad experiences and in their frustation, they put into the same barrel everything, in this case, all Switzerland.

    There's many different cultures, it also can be this, that you're used to other kind of relation with people from your country, and when you are not a real entusiast abnout travelling, then you get this kind of dissapointments, so I guess all of you who told Switzerland is boring, should stay wherever you are from... You're NOT MADE to travel, guys!

    Anyway, it's all I had to say, I guess =P Have fun all of you who enjoy of me and my girlfriend's country, and remember to do not judge withoit first experiencing.

    Greetings from Mexico!

    Rodrigo 16 Mai 2008, 04:31 - Verstoß melden
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Switzerland is boring!!!!

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