Being loved in Asia

The tributes of Asian women

Being loved in Asia

I am chronic about my enjoyment of women. Nothing surprising for those that had known me all my life. Through my existence certain things haven’t changed, my liking of the opposite “headache”, oh excuse me, the opposite sex!

What also they [women] would say about men. I have seen what is to liked, loved and to have lived. To always express, “I want to drink my wine, eat my bread and be loved!”

From the Philippines to Puerto Rico, now it’s China for my “China Girl” that I want to meet. Like the 1980s song from David Bowie, what is special and passionate about China girls: soft to the touch, those eyes and smile; what is furthered enjoyed is their sexiness and mannerisms.

All of their eyes are brown and it’s that shape that makes them special. Most of their hair is long and black, and it makes them provocative.

What most people don’t understand is the tolerance in their culture. Women are not the exception, especially when trying to be understood by men, they blame themselves on everything. Chinese women keep secrets and their wants close to their heart.

I have been introduced into an amazing people. That sensitivity that all men need, whether we like or not! Unless we go the other way; however, that’s not the case.

This is the business of life, it’s good, sometimes complicated; but can be great if lived properly. Keep in mind it’s a journey to be lived like an adventure. To be enjoyed, like good tasting wine!

These are the days I do enjoy listening to perverse English, Italian or Spanish- music to really make feel cool, even sexy! I am after all in China, I am inspired to live out my dreams and conquer every fantasy, for they are Chinese. “A China”, only here can feelings and fancies are experimented all at once. From happiness to sadness and back, in a split second; a, the women that make your heart rejoice! Everything jumps from the chest to bottom soles of the feet.

The Eastern effect

They want to desperately be Western. I want them to remain Eastern. Close enough for me to be part of their lives. “Oh, Chinese women…” (Hector Tuturu, 2009) It’s the nature of my manhood to go after them. Sorry ladies, I can’t say that I will give any excuses for my behaviour. For this reason, I love China and Chinese women. In a country where few foreigners are the norm, I sit and look; and furthermore, enjoy my wine, while I watch the ladies strolling in the park. It is part of remaining or becoming part of China, accepting what the culture has to offer. Chinese women are sweet and tender.

They give you this look that melts your heart. The beauty that is one only with China and Chinese, and looking for a way to be Western and sexy-which sometimes they want to change so badly, of course-again-they shouldn’t. But still, they are warm and friendly. Incredibly loving and beautiful, they are after all, enjoyable. When they look and smile.

Their face reddens. I smile back and look square into their eyes, they look away in shyness. Look at any woman conquered-romantically, and one must deal also with the backlashes. Once the shyness ends, it’s the backlash of their tongues and intensity of feelings that are the hardest to get over. Forget the conservatism, while we teach them how to be un-conservative. Something in their closeness and secrecy makes them intense. Remember, the fun part is the journey.

A woman’s face can easily turn red, reminds me of a long-lost time. Eyes sparkle, they come to life. Maybe when I was a teenager, over 20 something years ago… The feeling is great, it still is! Something I had not seen in a long time. A female can be so innocent in this part of the world and so devilish at the same time. And after all, be careful, a woman’s scorn is still a woman’s scorn!

They want more from a man, a gentleman, like any other woman, selfishly they want it all. Now, their lack of openness is a problem, since most of them are still virgins well into their 20s: something rare in Europe or the United States. Now, they do have a population explosion. It was not controlled until recently, the last decade. They would get married to just have babies and with this increment, the Chinese people grew to 1.4 billion. A, the art of life: meeting, kissing, fall in love and making love. It’s very easy and to do all at once in China. Sounds romantic, but also you are measured as a man or woman to have a sense of responsibility. Oh, if only life could be fun all the time!

Women in culture

In a culture that only men are allowed, but they forgot the need of women. Women are seven to one over men all over the world. Mentality needs to change in the acceptance of more gorgeous-Asian females. Chinese men, wake up! Now, what is exhilarating and as stated over and over before is there shyness. We in Western culture start experimenting with our sexuality rather early, as teenagers as a matter of fact. They usually wait until their late 20s, something rear and strange.

But it is good to know, that once in China, things must be taken slowly, like when one is in puberty. And again, like good wine, must be drunk slowly. The whole world is amazing. Everyday feels like a new discovery.

Sexuality is one of discovery and amazement for the Westerner in an Eastern society. Their conservatism is one not seen in Europe or America since the 1950s or 1960s. What is to experience with something new and rarely seen in the contemporary-world; that feeling of life and growing; the way a woman will tremble inside-out in this society upon seeing a man she likes and crossing her legs. Her heart will beat faster, her hands will shake. She looks but never directly into the eyes. She looks away even faster. And as a teenage-girl, she will walk back and forth searching for control, but feeling out of it! It will be difficult to control, as she again sits crossed legged and her body will tremble.

Feeling something deep from inside her heart, she shakes again maybe her womanhood has come alive for the first time. It’s okay, this is an opportunity to watch, enjoy and smile, as she moves sexily across the floor again. You will ask for her number and information. It will take time to be given, but in the end, it is part of the sport of life, one of continuance. With these women, you become the centre of attention in their world, your heart constantly melts.

And again, thinking of the song, “China Girl”, it is hard not to fall in love with one of them. This is the action that can make life better for a man, maybe in China. Or the same heartache of women yammering, once they know you, ah but it’s the action of the game. It’s that initial pleasure. The fun of the adventure in the end what makes one become part of China, to enjoy the women and most of all, life.

Dedicated to Chinese women,
But mostly to Sunny & Sophie

By Daniel Otero
Company: TEFL, Zhuji, China
Telephone: 001-787-424-0153

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