Different People, Same Heart

Dating in China

Different People, Same Heart

The facts of life are still the facts of life. To be in a foreign land, no matter where, men and women are still attracted to each other. There are the magic of hormones. The undeniable sexual attraction…

It doesn’t matter if it is a conservative or a non-conservative environment, we are still sexual beings that feel; through those physical and often emotional manifestations of our bodies, the wetness, heart beats faster, body shakes uncontrollably from head to toes, desires have arisen and passions are there.To deny them a sin, to accept them, a path to pleasure and glory! The same thing can be said about adventurous foreigners that get involved with the locals. Another reality when going into another country, places culturally change, but something will always remain the same. The treatment of men and women, knowing this fact, Westerners do have the advantage usually because of travel, experience, knowledge, looks and in the worse case scenario, charm! Turn up the charm and women will respond! A poem, chocolates, food, a suggestive word, touch or glance and even some flowers…

The business of life is the business of life. The works of pleasure are even better. One goes for the enjoyment of life it is natural; usually because we are not from a repressed society. And women will respond to the affections of a man when well treated! While dancing, this fact remains true. Have you ever had a dance number, were women are responding and looking at you to give out their information. Other things will want to come off. You’ll feel like the Tom Jones of Asia. Come from a different society, they have to hold it together! There are always the other eternal facts about language problem, cultural barriers or misinterpretation. Our openness is our charm, our manners that can be easily demonstrated with a little sophistication. I like to show it with a good bottle of wine (possibly Argentinean, Australian, Chilean, French, Italian or Spanish) and food, when I want to get into a woman’s heart. Your experience counts in the business of love affairs. If not experienced, practice my dear grasshoppers, practice! Again, turn-up the heat! Give a slight wink and smile in your best or worse days.

Use the old techniques that are at hand in the events of dating, but try everything. Using the touching of an arm to say hello or grasp softly a woman’s hand. These things are worth a try, if they like you, they will easily melt! They will shake in wonder and not realizing what is happening, we certainly have the advantage for the taking. Offer a seat-let them into the door first and say hello; always tell them that they are beautiful. Women all over the world want to hear the same things about beauty and love. And at the same time, without them feeling you are desperate. Never too fast; however, never too slow when one wants to conquer in affairs of the heart. What usually works here in Asia are the following things, revert to the styles of your teenage years.

A very good way to start is with a poem, if you are the writer or the romantic, such as I; by the way the eternal one. Continue on another path of giving candies or even better, flowers. Start with yellow ones and depending on yourintensity, give reds. Cross legged sit in gentleman fashion. Always the thinker and intellectual, don’t be a brute, man will always get more with kindness; even when people are unkind. Can you recall the old saying, “You get more with honey than with vinegar”… This is true even in China.

The method is simple and has been practiced for centuries. Let’s go back in history to books like, “Kama Sutra” and other classics. Often they show the intensity of the writers, how they gave pleasure to their females and themselves. A system well to try and if it works, indulge in the pleasure! Speak always slow and softly, with the intensity of the eyes. Security and confidence is a must, even a need. The more confident you are, the easier you’ll get the girl or girls if that is your challenge.

Many things can be said about love and romance. And be careful here, the Westerner is still considered a Playboy. An invitation to the old apartment can be considered rude or even with a sexual overtone. It is not the same two or three day rule like back home! So, as in the beginning, go slow. Never rush the game, enjoy the game, taste the game! Women have to be enjoyed. Part of the journey is getting there. In the orient, it doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 60 a westerner is a westerner and still has to work his or her magic with the locals.

Love is for most great men, and those that want to be great lovers, it is a matter of practice and persistence. With Chinese women, the same manifestation; a grand Casanova does not give up the chase because he is rejected. One continues with diplomatic persistence, avoid the pitfalls of begging. I personally I am not a dog! At least I hope not. My diplomatic easy going attitude is a way to slide into other pleasures at a future date!

By Daniel Otero
Company: TEFL, Zhuji, China
Telephone: 001-787-424-0153

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