Boaring N.Z

  • i've been here for about 15 yrs, i had no trouble with the kind people of Nz, and never felt unwelcomed, but as a young person, i wanna make the most out of my life, and NZ is not providing youth with enough options.
    I love kiwis, and their lifestyles, but that is the only thing they can do. they all seem to run on the same trend, say the same jokes, and have less ambition compared to the rest of the developed world. howeveri pity the insular kiwis for not knowing what is going on out there!!

    about New Zealand, most immigrants that come from unfortunate places come to nz seeking a new life, a few years later they get the NZ passport, and depart to Australia.
    there is not enough work opportunities, no reliable transport system so you always need a car, petrol is expensive and parking is even more expensive. rent or property prices are expensive, food isnt cheap.
    there is no Healthcare system like Europe or Australia,
    the problem with NZ is its association with the pacific, thus bringing alot of unnecessary uneducated immigrants from the islands, and feeding them social welfare, and ACC!!!
    there is not culture here, no identity, the roads that connect the country are literally one lane most of the way!!! traveling behind an oversized truck will drive you MAD.
    night life??? what night life? Auckland is the biggest night life, and its limited to a few scattered spots in"town" that are the same since the early 90's.
    you can not get decent food after 9pm in town , and 5 pm in the suburbs.
    the fashion, there is no sense of fashion, ug boots and rugby jerseys.
    the girls are not attractive on a general scale, and not friendly if you're the "new guy"
    the music is the same mainsteam genre everywhere you go, they can not play anything but "american music" and they're not interested in world music at all.
    the traffic is terrible in the badly planned cities, the salaries are low with high taxes.
    winter is depressing,
    God Help New Zealand

    Nomad 12 May 2009, 02:34 - Report
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live in New Zealand - Not worth it!

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